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Safety and Security in the Gas and Oilfield Industry - Research Paper Example

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A paper "Safety and Security in the Gas and Oilfield Industry" outlines that security risks are indeed a must as gas and oil operation are now undertaken in remote zones of  Algeria, Bolivia, the Caspian region, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Venezuela…
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Safety and Security in the Gas and Oilfield Industry
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Extract of sample "Safety and Security in the Gas and Oilfield Industry"

Download file to see previous pages To reckon, there were a hundred of foreign hostages at Nigeria working for an oil company in its four rigs when labor disputes heightened in a May 2003 election. The war between Israelites and Palestine, albeit dealt for peaceful negotiation by the United Nations have also security implications for multinational oil companies operating in the region. In some regions inhabited by rebel and extremist groups, oil and gas companies are the target of terroristic attacks and exaction of money by rebel groups with the aim of weakening its operation. Trim and Caravelli (2009) explained that strategizing for security management will help develop resiliency and reduce vulnerabilities in gas and oil industry. This can be undertaken by developing a blueprint of national and corporate security, intelligence effort, and disaster/emergency planning enforcement. Trim and Caravelli (2009) professed that there are wide range of perspectives, disciplines, and mechanism that can be optimized by security managers but these certainly require human resources composed of security and intelligence experts, law enforcers, disaster and emergency managers, good relation with policymakers, networking with police and military enforcers, and good correlation with civil society and the academe. The strategy will also include counter-terrorism strategies and hence require national security strategists, security management reform and comprehensive security evaluation and planning which is also attuned to disaster and emergency management policies and practices (Trim and Caravelli, 2009). It is presupposed that oil and gas development is a major contribution to the economic boom in a country. Oil and gas companies must partner with a domestic government for disarmament and demobilization in the country where there are active extremist and rebel groups fighting against the government (Trim and Caravelli, 2009). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Safety and Security in the Gas and Oilfield Industry Research Paper.
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