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Physcial Security in rural/small airports and private aircraft - Research Paper Example

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The airports and aircrafts being responsible for assisting passengers to travel from one location to another by air; it becomes the responsibility of the airport departments and the aircrafts to undertake proper security measures for the safety of the flights as well as the…
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Physcial Security in rural/small airports and private aircraft
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Extract of sample "Physcial Security in rural/small airports and private aircraft"

Download file to see previous pages The following study has focused on the importance of physical security in rural/small airports and private aircrafts, thereby trying to throw light on what measures could improve the current status of the physical security measure. The study has thus included the significance of the physical security, the potential impacts as well as outcomes of different measures available to be undertaken taking into consideration different views and opinions of researchers.
The background to the greater concern on the physical security of airports and private aircrafts can be traced back to the incident of the Pan American World Airways Flight 103 tragedy in the year 1988 (Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airports, 2004, p.3). However, with the terrorist attacks in the US in September 11, 2001, the threats and the risks associated with the aviation enhanced to greater levels (What to do? A global strategy, 2004). The attacks that could be coordinated with the use of aircrafts that acted as the human bombs had severely increased the threats to the mankind in general. However, in general it had thrown light on the lack of security on the part of the airport and aircraft departments that could be taken advantage of by the terrorists. With the occurrence of the massive disaster, the aviation security measures were found to significantly increase including measures like effective screening of baggage as well as passengers, examining the strengthening of the doors of the cockpit, the number of the aviation security officers been increased and enhanced control over the access to airports and private aircrafts (Poole, 2008, p.2).
Thus to introduce the study, it can be stated that the need for physical security of the small/rural airports as well as private aircrafts have more increased with the risks and threats of the terrorists planning to take advantage of the lack of security. The history of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Physcial Security in rural/Small Airports and Private Aircraft Research Paper.
“Physcial Security in rural/Small Airports and Private Aircraft Research Paper”, n.d.
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