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Organizations growth - Research Paper Example

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Introduction There are two ways through which most of the organizations grow and expand i.e. through organic growth or by making acquisitions. Organic growth often takes place when firms grow within itself over the period of time and therefore the growth is largely within the confines of the firm…
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Organizations growth
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Download file to see previous pages If the firm can maintain an adequate level of cash and other resources, it can swiftly move to acquire undervalued firms to actually create an opportunity to deliver more value to the shareholders of the firm. (Damoiseau, Black, & Raggio, 2011) In order to expand globally, firms therefore have to manage whether they want to grow organically or through expansion. In either way firm has to manage certain issues which will be discussed below in order to be successful at global level. Cultural Profile Culture plays important role in the overall success of the organization at the local as well as the international level. The management of change within an organization clearly demonstrated the need for having a clear analysis of how the culture of the organization will be changed and reshaped in a manner which is more suitable for the firm. In order to successfully operate in countries like India, it is therefore important that the cultural assessment must be done. The overall cultural profile of India would suggest that India is a developing country with established historical and cultural roots. The same has been transferred into the management style of the firms operating in the environment too. Over the period of time, India however, is making a transition towards a global corporate culture which is required for fostering of the global management culture within the organization. India is a country which is dominated by masculine culture which is based upon traditions and family businesses. The Tata Group started as a family business and is still is a family business despite the fact that it is now an international conglomerated. Indian culture therefore is focused upon family businesses where bosses and managers are considered like father figures. Communication Issues Another important role of the leader in managing change is to communicate across a shared vision for the change and the future of the firm. Providing a clear and vivid communication across the whole firm therefore makes it clear for each one of the employee and other stakeholders to basically know what their roles and responsibilities are and what the firm actually expects from them. Such an approach therefore ensures that the leaders inculcate the vision across the whole organization through effective communication across all the channels. One of the ways through which leaders manage change is to ensure the stability during the change process as change is not being viewed by every person in same manner. Like Tata Group which remained an organization where culture was not so conducive and employees worked as if they were working in a public sector organization. In such situation, the productivity was relatively low and as such complacency developed across all the companies working under the banner of Tata Group. As a leader, Ratan Tata therefore has to ensure that the painful transition of the organization takes place as quickly as possible in order to take advantage of the relative opening of Indian economy to the international world. One of the key requirements therefore first is to initiate that change required to make the firm to advance and meet the future requirements of the market. (Ahn, Adamson, & Dornbusch, 2004). This was only achieved through effective communication because change at the global level requires effective communication of the changes. Communication within a particular cultural group can however, become ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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