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Staffing Ethics for HR in a Globalized World Name Instructor Course October 5, 2012 Abstract This paper is a thematic literature review on ethical issues in the hiring process, and the role of HR. In asking what that role is and should be, in an increasingly globalized world, the landscape clarifies to reveal themes of privacy, resistance, change, and cultural dimensions…
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Staffing Ethics for HR in a Globalized World
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Download file to see previous pages Each contributes insights. Some are specific to that culture, but several cross-cultural themes emerge from the literature. One cross-cultural pattern that emerged was challenges to ethical staffing, especially in the face of multinational companies with HRM that are not in touch with the influence of cultural dimensions on staffing. Another pattern was resistance due to tradition, which was revealed in Canada, India, Mexico, and Poland. A third cross-cultural pattern was the overwhelming agreement that HR must lead the way to a more ethical workplace. Recommendations are offered to facilitate protection, ethical leadership, cultural sensitivity, and the balance of rights and agenda that HR faces. Staffing Ethics for HR in a Globalized World Human Resources is probably the most crucial component of any company. They must, after all, negotiate a delicate balance between the needs of the company and the needs of applicants and employees. They must not only do so within the context of the law, but must traverse the netherworld of ethics, which applies even when the law is unclear, insufficient, or when there is not yet a law specific to the issue. The latter case is seen with online privacy issues, for example, when utilized by to screen applicants. In an increasingly globalized world, Human Resource departments find increasingly complex demands on their role. Change is rapid and it is not enough to stay updated. Instead, Human Resource Managers must serve as leaders in the company. This is especially so in the arena of ethics. This paper is a thematic literature review with a global focus. Too often, globalization imposes Western standards. As developing nations increase their involvement in and concern for fair practices in HR, the world has an opportunity to gain new insights from new voices. This paper will review the literature from ten selected cross-cultural sources, including Romania, Poland, India, Mexico, Canada and the USA, in order to understand how to ethically staff in a way that balances privacy rights with company need-to-know; affirmative action with profit and tradition; local culture with globalized standards. This cross-cultural dialogue can make HR management an even stronger ethical force and inspiration to companies and their employees around the world. Methodology A Google Scholar search was conducted, utilizing a relevant search phrase, HR and ethical hiring practices. A strong effort was made to locate peer-reviewed journals, particularly in the business management area. A special effort was made to select articles that reflected the voices of other cultures beyond the US, as well as articles that mentioned globalization. Effort was made to reflect both male and female authored articles. Both theoretical and research-based articles were selected. Current articles were selected since, given the rapid changes, engendered by globalization, HR should be currently informed. The oldest article was published six years ago, but most articles were published within the past couple of years. This is particularly important in the area of ethics. No effort was made, during the article selection process, to support a particular point of view, nor to narrow the themes down any more than those already mentioned. Rather than considering an hypothesis, the selection process held a central organizing question: What is the role of HR in an ethical hiring process? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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