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Operations Management Name Institution Professor Course Date Operation Management in C20 Transformation of inputs to outputs INPUTS OUTPUTS Finished products & services Outcomes Outcomes Fig. 1 ITO model monitoring performances at C20 Analysis The ITO model above is an improvement of the former IPO model…
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Operation Management
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"Operation Management"

Download file to see previous pages The time line of the organization has also incorporate enormous inputs since it runs from 0900 hours to 1700 hours of six working days in a week. Time, performance dimension and cost are objectives to ensuring tasks’ output at C20. These three objectives are traditionally the basic parameters for measuring project success or failure (Dennis, 2007, pg 17) Each task team should clearly understand its task inputs and outputs, interface personnel and work transfer mechanism. (David & Lewis, 2006, pg. 434) hence their transformation requires the use of processes. To achieve its performance dimensions, C20 uses the two operational courses of action, project and operational processes. These processes are to be executed in order to produce reliable outputs. C20 begins its actions through the operational process since it is the backbone of project procedures, hence making the whole project successful. The project processes at C20 of making fireplace tiles depend mainly on the characteristics portrayed by the said proposal. It also depends on the resources provided by its management. Outputs are eventually brought forth from the internalized project processes. Outputs from C20 concretize themselves between beneficial achievement and delivery and include the finished products and services availed to the entire populace. The end product and the process for producing it cannot be fully specified in advance;(Gary, 2007, pg 5) end products consist of finished artistic decors of fireplace tiles, Baxi Burnall systems, Solid, Gas, and Electric fires; fireside and Baxi Burnall accessories. Service output includes safety assured by the tangible products. These outputs are reached when the purpose of the operational and project process are conditioned and reached. However the outputs are further converted due to the inevitable change that takes place in the business (project) processes. In due course after the production of outputs, outcomes are analyzed by the management. This then leads to the study of the utilization of the final products. Utilization of the outputs produced is done by the customers of C20. This utilization determines the possible outcomes that the company will experience. It solely depends on how affordable the output is to its customers. Performance dimensions at C20 20th Century Fires (C20) is a company that was established in 1997 with the mandate of making artistic decorations on fireplaces and mantel designs and fireplace accessories from tiles and wood. Since then it has embarked in projects dealing with the making of fireplaces’ tiles and at the same time maintained its industrial culture. For this reason, it is necessary to establish constructive models of operation in the organizations management that monitor the ultimate success of the projects at hand. The ITO model is in the limelight in this context. Dimensions at which performances at C20 are drawn and improved from the designs of the products produced. Promotion of C20 as a non-profit organization has helped to lay down proper public relations with its project customers. Analysis made from the company’s financial years defining the gross profits and losses aid in maintaining a good course of action in the performances of C20. A number of showrooms are also built to show case the suitability of the outputs, regardless of whether new or old and also for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Operation management
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