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This paper tries to analyze the effect of the major national aspects on international HRM by using the planned expansion of UK’s Organon Laboraties Ltd. to Australia and demonstrate differences in national culture Australia and the United Kingdom…
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Analyse the human resource issue relevant to an organization intending to expand into the global market
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Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is analysis of human resource management (HRM) processes in Australia and the United Kingdom that has been carried out in the point of view of political, economic, legal, and socio-cultural systems and the evolving business situations. The organization of the sections has assisted in emphasizing the impact of fundamental aspects on HRM practices and policies in each nation, and the context-focused character of HRM. For instance, the economy considerably affects HRM in both nations, but its effect differs. For example, in Australia the recessionary situations of the earlier years are weakening employment traditions and encouraging reforms in the system. The United Kingdom has seen an explosion in foreign direct investment. By using UK’s Organon Laboratories Ltd. as a multinational company planning to expand to Australia, each section reveals several HRM challenges in Australia, as well as in the parent country, the United Kingdom. Taking into account the infancy phase of human resource management in several Asia-Pacific nations, such as Australia, and the assumption that HRM in a cross-cultural and cross-national perspective could be best examined by exploring the effect of dimensions of natural culture this paper tries to analyze the effect of the major national aspects on international HRM by using the planned expansion of UK’s Organon Laboraties Ltd. to Australia. ...
The main offices of Organon are located in Oss, southern Netherlands, and it has 55 subordinate units across the globe, with two in the United Kingdom: (1) management, marketing, etc. in Cambridge, England, and (2) processing, research and development in Motherwell, Scotland (Tayeb 2005, 210). Organon hires 10,000 people all over the world. It was founded in 1948 and its primary goods are human prescription medication and its market is prescription pharmacies. It is one of the major providers of oral contraceptives and infertility drugs (Tayeb 2005, 210). Astra Zeneca and GlaxoSmithKline are its main competitors. Organon’s mission statement is provided by Akzo Nobel. Nevertheless, being the main actor in the pharmaceutical unit, the company aspires to sustain its independence. Hence mention of Akzo Nobel are silenced, for instance the manner personnel answer callers is ‘Organon Laboratories’ (Tayeb 2005, 211). In other branches their image is more strongly identified with Akzo. Each of the two sub-divisions in the UK has a human resource (HR) manager. However, there is only one Managing Director in the UK. The employee guidelines of Scotland are slightly controlled by the main office. The HR manager has acquired the practices and guidelines which have progressed since 1948 (BioPortfolio 2011). Employees have been permitted to develop work hours, payment rules and employment agreements that would meet the needs of the firm in the UK. There has been a productive relationship with the directors who have been major guardians of company guidelines in the UK, such as Cambridge’s Managing Director and Motherwell’s Process Director and Research Director (Tayeb 2005). They were somewhat like-minded with regard to employment issues, the parent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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