Organisational change at WA Police Communications - Case Study Example

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This essay discusses that organizations are bound to face many challenges, but the leader’s ability to deal with the minor and weighty issues in the organizations, which are troublesome to the employees, will be essential in determining the success of any organization…
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Organisational change at WA Police Communications
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Download file to see previous pages Organizations are faced with chaos every day, and managerial role will involve bringing about order, and simplifying the manner in which problems are dealt with every day. Therefore, managers should take care of the needs of the people their actions have an effect on by considering the effects their decisions will have on them. Leaders should always be flexible in dealing with different situations, and they should reframe their experiences and always endeavor to seek new ways of dealing with situations. Bolman and Deal explain that management should be an ethical and moral role so that leaders are able to understand the employees’ heritage and personal needs, and this will increase productivity. Therefore, leaders should thrive on combining business with values and purpose so that everyone in the organization feels comfortable when working. In reframing or changing organizations, Bolman and Deal put an emphasis on the need to concentrate on organizational practices in order to achieve productivity. They use a four frame model that will help organizations in changing their practices, Structural, human resource, po­litical, and symbolic, which give the notion that the same problem or situation can be viewed in four different ways. Each of the frames is powerful on their own, but when they are applied together, they help to get a broad picture of any organization. These frames are used to identify the problems in organizations and the measures that are best suited to cope with it satisfactorily. The structural frame puts an emphasis on organizational goals, roles and relationships in the organization. It is the blueprint for what each employee is expected to complete since it will help device...
The paper gives detailed information about the structural problems in the organization such as the lack of feedback and recognition on the tasks that the employees engage in every day. Every employee has their task, but the problem is that no one knows if they are doing the right thing or not. The structural frame requires that the employees are given tasks and roles according to their competencies, and they have an idea of what is expected of them. It requires a stable, working environment, where the employees will have clearly defined role, and this will be beneficial in carrying out their tasks since they know what the management expects from them. Feedback is significant since it will motivate the employees in their work, and it will make them work hard to see that they have accomplished their goals. WA police communication seems to have problems with the way they handle their internal politics, which are detrimental to their operations. Conflicts in organizations are bound to occur since people will have different views on how to approach different problems in the organization. Therefore, decision-making plays a crucial role in determining the way organizations handle their political issues. WA police communication decision-making roles are vested on the management of the organization, and employees do not participate. They complain that they have no say in the way things in the call center are run, and they are the ones to implement the decisions made by the management. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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