The Relationships between Organizational Culture, Total Quality Management Practices and Operational Performance - Essay Example

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In this paper, an article ‘The Relationships between Organizational Culture, Total Quality Management Practices and Operational Performance’ will be analyzed. The data used for the research was obtained from 364 companies and organizations belonging to the services and manufacturing industries of Australia…
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The Relationships between Organizational Culture, Total Quality Management Practices and Operational Performance
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Download file to see previous pages The paper will begin with the description of what quality actually is and why is it important for a company to integrate the element of quality in all of the business processes. Quality means to achieve excellence the business processes, such as, product manufacturing and provision of services to the customers. Any organization or a company can satisfy the stakeholders and the customers only if it provides them with quality in the products and services that they use. Quality is the key to organizational success as it leads the companies towards market domination. “Quality should be aimed at total customer satisfaction with the product or service you are selling”. Quality also means to seek continuous improvement in the products and services that are manufactured by any organization. Two important aspects of quality include quality control and quality assurance. Quality control is a process, which is employed in order to ensure the required level of excellence and quality in a product or service delivered by a company. Quality assurance, on the other hand, is a process in which products manufactured by a company are checked for quality in every stage in order to know whether those products meet customers’ expectations or not. If we talk about total quality management, we can say that it is implemented in a company to ensure that the products and services delivered by the company to the customers meet the quality standards. It is an integrated organization-wide philosophy, which aims to provide continuous improvement to the quality of the products and services in order to make them productive for a company. ...
Total quality management practices should be based on some established quality standards, such as, ISO 9000 series and ISO 9001 series. The companies using TQM approach believe in the importance of knowledge for organization’s success. TQM makes use of employees’ knowledge to create innovative and high quality products for the customers. Talking about total quality management, we can say that it acts as the foundation for an organization’s success because without implementation of an effective quality management system, no organization can be able to manufacture premium quality products. The role of people in TQM is to put every effort in the development of high quality products in order to increase customer satisfaction. Employees and the management staff of a company put mutual efforts for achieving goals and objectives of the company. One of the main requirements of implementing quality standards is the establishment of measurable objectives by the company, which adopts any specific series of quality standards. Another requirement is that employees of a company should feel their responsibility and should know how to achieve the goals and objectives related to quality set by the managers of the company. For example, ISO 9000: 2000 requires quality to be the first priority for every employee working for any organization. According to the ISO 9000:2000 standards, for any product, managers should first identify the product requirements by analyzing the demands of the customers, analyzing basic and essential requirements of the product, analyzing statutory and legal regulations regarding the product, and determining any additional requirements related to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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