International Management: Google Company in its operation in China - Assignment Example

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The following research will discuss international management, its correlation to business ethics centered on either moral universalism or moral relativism, and citing the ethical standards practiced by Google Company in its operation in China…
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International Management: Google Company in its operation in China
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Download file to see previous pages From this research it is clear that international management deals with variegated strategies and mechanism to produce and deliver products or services in the international market to gain more valuable competitive leverage by diversifying its business operations geographically. Business organization would often invest at larger market depending on its industrial attractiveness, resource capacities and management dynamisms to meet customer satisfaction amid global systems and pressures. Companies with wide market do not only leverage for comparative advantage and adhere to strict regulations. They are also sensitive in cross-cultural matters and thus, redefine its business ethics too as part of strategic management. Business morality deals about ethical standards needed in purposively directing and leading the company toward optimized operation, strategic efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with its subsidiaries. Company would therefore pursue the scale of economies with needed flexibility; enhanced cross-border communication; and extol operational innovation . However, business ethics is a broad moral theory. Depending on values advocated by corporate managers, leaders could adopt a wide range of moral system to systematize business relations among employers-employee, as well as with clienteles or customers. But for academic curiosity, the discussion herewith on ethical standards will orbit around moral universalism and moral relativism ....
Depending on values advocated by corporate managers, leaders could adopt a wide range of moral system to systematize business relations among employers-employee, as well as with clienteles or customers (Connick, 2011). But for academic curiosity, the discussion herewith on ethical standards will orbit around moral universalism and moral relativism (Connick, 2011). Moral Universalism is also prominently considered as moral objectivism which posits the theory that there is an evident universal ethic (Connick, 2011). As a standard of behavior, it likewise considers that certain behaviors could be inherently wrong albeit surrounding circumstances. Moral universalism was explicated by post-modern philosopher as a precept that what is right for someone, could be right too for anyone; what is wrong for anyone, could be wrong too for everyone (Connick, 2011). Applied to specific moral principles, say, utilitarianism, if such does maximum good for maximum number of persons, therefore its provides happiness. If this is true, then it could be morally correct (Connick, 2011). Moral universalism is also applied to human-right sensitive corporate ethics too. This means that Multinational Corporation upholds the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948 and the Geneva Conventions. Such meant that the company promote and uphold human rights in all workplaces and violations thereof would be condemned as an immoral act (Connick, 2011). Moral Relativism, on the other hand, respects the distinction of culture of peoples in a multicultural nation. People with varied beliefs and systems have distinct standards of what is morally right or wrong (Connick, 2011). They also perceived that moral system change overtime as society ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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