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Strategic Choice - Essay Example

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Organizational growth relates to the size of the organization with respect to the number of members or employees it has. It is a slow process which takes into account everyday happenings at the workplace. …
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Strategic Choice
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Download file to see previous pages Growth relates to each and every employee at the workplace. The development in the quality of existing employees’ skills and the quantity of skilled workers leads to overall organizational growth. The most precious asset that a company may cherish is its employees and it needs to be seriously concerned with all issues that may dissatisfy, frustrate or depress them. Without happy employees, no strategy is going to work and no progress will be seen in the long run. This paper discusses what alternative my organization ( must consider to realize growth and what strategy or combination of generic and grand strategies it must implement in order to improve its organizational growth.
Alternative Strategies Leading to Organizational Growth pursues its organizational growth, growth stages and the directions in which the company is going in a variety of ways. Yet, it is undergoing some troubles regarding guiding itself and its labor through periods of growth. It is having problems with maintaining control over resources and workforce. There are many recommendations and alternatives that it needs to consider to chase the course of its growth at every stage. Some of these strategies are discussed below:
1. New Markets and Target Consumers
2. New Services The organization should also try to offer new services to the consumers apart from simply recording and filing their complaints. When it will expand its offers to the clients, it will automatically attract more clientele and build its repertoire in the market and among the competitors. Implementation of new products and services is recognized as a significant way leading to organizational growth. 3. Looking for External Financial Resources We are focusing significantly on increasing the finances because we know that the organization will need funds to support its expansion in terms of employees and resources. A productive way to increase this funding is to look for external financial resources which may be in the form of monitory support from investors, partnerships, banks, and other government and private companies that may want to acquire the organization and fund it. This funding will help the company in designing and implementing such generic and grand strategies that ensure its growth. Growth Strategies for my Organization A strategy means a plan that guides an organization through a process or from one state to another. A growth strategy is the plan that the organization uses to broaden the scope of its business by expanding its consumer group. The objective of such a strategy is to improve the organizational growth while balancing the resources at the same time. Although there are many kinds of growth strategies that firms use like merger, joint venture, acquisition, and strategic alliance, I would recommend that must use the joint venture and strategic alliance strategies to enhance its organizational growth. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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