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The purpose of this report is to underscore the significance of a cohesive culture to organizational performance. Some of the positive aspects of a strong organizational culture such as enhancement of problem solving capacity and unity among employees have been discussed…
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The significance of a cohesive culture to organisational performance
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Download file to see previous pages The report discusses several changes that are necessary in the workplace of BSG Ltd. to enhance commitment and productivity among the employees. Changes such as improvement of workplace relations, teamwork, employee motivation, career mobility, workplace learning and strong leadership strategies have been highlighted. All these changes point towards the establishment of a cohesive culture that can help the management of this company to address the emerging issues in the workplace.

Some recommendations regarding the implementation of the highlighted changes in the workplace have been put forward in the report. They include; adoption of a leadership strategy that promotes a cohesive organizational culture, establishment of workplace relations, promotion of teamwork, identification of development needs, control of employee turnover and enhancement of employee welfare. The need to take the workers’ interests in to consideration in the course of change has been emphasized.

The conclusion portrays the learning outcomes of the report regarding the need for a cohesive organizational culture. The changes and recommendations that need to be adopted by the company have been noted as a general picture of what a cohesive organizational culture entails. The group prefers employee focused leadership in the organization as indicated in the conclusion. Introduction This report addresses some issues that have emerged in BSG Ltd. leading to a fall in the profits of the organization below projections for the last two years in light of aggressive competition and a declining economy. The results of a culture/employee attitude survey in the organization indicated lack of cohesion amongst employees, low levels of job satisfaction and organizational commitment, low levels of trust between management and employees, poor team work, and a belief by many that there was little opportunity for advancement. An analysis of company data for the year ending 2010 revealed a 30% increase in pilfering, in both warehouse stocks, and stationery supplies. Staff turnover is an issue also, up by 15% in year ending 2010. The benefits of a strong cohesive culture have been emphasized, as well as the changes that need to be implemented by management to this workplace. Some recommendations have been put forward in regard to the implementation of the changes to make them acceptable by the workforce. Organizational Culture Hofstede defined culture as a tool that the mind applies to guide a person’s day to day activities and interactions with others. He portrayed culture as a collective aspect that occupies a particular social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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