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My Desired Goals and Objectives - Essay Example

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This paper is the excellent example of the narrative essay regarding accomplished and future goals and objectives of a woman who took a position at Horus Bronze Corp. not.
The paper is written on behalf of the first person and states that this position not only provided the author with the opportunity to expand skills but with something more.
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My Desired Goals and Objectives
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Extract of sample "My Desired Goals and Objectives"

Download file to see previous pages After our arrival in the United States, I decided to do some job so that I could remain busy. My strength in speaking fluent English, German, and some French immediately gave me the idea to look for a job at an international firm. As I was going through job advertisements, I realized that bookkeepers were quite in demand in the United States. So I joined an accounting training program to learn how to do bookkeeping with the QuickBooks software, learning the American way of accounting at the same time.
Graduating from a business high school, I already knew how to do bookkeeping. Moreover, I had also gained some management skills by completing an associate degree in Fashion Merchandising Management from the Budapest Business School and by working as a professional in a company located in Budapest. Working for the Levi Strauss Ltd. in Budapest provided me with the managerial experience in an international environment.
After four months of continuous job search, I was able to find a bookkeeper/office manager job in Les Métalliers Champenois, which was, at that time, an affiliated company located in New Jersey. The parent company was located in France whereas LMC was the affiliated company having French owners. The reason behind affiliation with the American company was the change in the market trend in France. Due to change in the market trend, the parent company started developing a new line of product, reorganizing its facility, and developing a new production line. The bronze casements, such as, windows and doors, were not unique in the market. Therefore, the parent company in France decided to start a new affiliated company in the U.S. to sell the new line of products, bronze windows, and door casements. Although both companies shared the same name and had the same line of products but they were different in organization and management. During my interview for the job in that company, I tried to stress on the benefits that the company could get by hiring me instead of talking about the great opportunity of doing job in that company. I also did not talk anything about how the job could allow me to do the things that I had never done before. I was very focused about the benefits which I could bring for the company, allowing the interviewers to see how deeply I was interested in that job. I had learned a long time ago that taking on additional responsibilities would definitely provide me with an experience that would pay off later in my life. As the location was just across the street of their other affiliated company, I was hired to set up a new office and to perform all administrative tasks with a help of a French intern. Although the task was quite challenging but it was very exciting at the same time. In the new building, we really had to start from the scratch. We had to purchase furnishing, computers, office machines, and supplies for the new building. There was also a bathroom that had to be remodeled to accommodate all New Jersey regulations. I had to find a suitable contractor who could perform the work in the shortest time with a friendly budget. I was able to find a contractor who was willing to work with one of our employee from our LMC workshop that also helped to reduce the final cost of remodeling. After submitting all documents and a copy of work permit to the city of Paterson, the work started. Our budget was somewhat tight, so we tried to save money on labor and buy used ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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