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Overview 3
1. Rationale of Change Intervention 4
2. Perspectives for Change 5
3. Change Strategy 8
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Work integrated project
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Download file to see previous pages Evaluation of Limitations and Alternative Proposal 13 References 15 Bibliography 17 Overview Swan Sweet is the manufacturing and wholesale segment of Lebanese Sweet and is located at Maddington, West Australia. Swan Sweet was founded by Hassan Youssef in the 1920’s and was then known as ‘Hassan Youssef Sweet Lebanon’. The company has positioned itself as the key supplier of confectionery items for the business market. Swan Sweet offers sweets and other catering solutions to fulfill all the business needs of their customers. They are well known for their supplies of freshly baked Baklava, a variety of Mediterranean pastry. They also offer wholesale solutions to their customers for promotional proceedings and corporate events by providing bulk products enabling the clients to develop and build their businesses (Swan Sweet 2011). The report addresses the issues pertaining to a change intervention process of Swan Sweet. The report analyzes the internal and the external drivers which led to the change intervention in Swan Sweet explaining it’s rational and purpose. The study considers the change perspectives that might have driven the owners of Swan Sweet. The study also describes the change strategy adopted by the management of Swan Sweet and demonstrates the approaches employed for the development as well as implementation of the change strategy. An assessment has also been made of the options available to and restraints the company Swan Sweet faced when selecting the resulting strategy. The report also confers about the strategic planning tools employed as well as how they were customized or discarded to match the organisational requirements of Swan Sweet. The report evaluates the confines of the change intervention process, and finally proposes alternative change perspectives and strategies for the change intervention in Swan Sweet. 1. Rationale of Change Intervention Swan Sweet has evolved over the years since its foundation in the 1920’s and has under gone various modifications in their functioning process. Swan Sweet’s incessant up gradation in terms of quality is aligned to their objectives of customer satisfaction. Swan Sweet has implemented a distinctive blend of technology and service to offer sufficient products options. The product service of Swan Sweet is designed in a mode that it enables the customers to specify their exact requirements. Swan Sweets ensures that each and every product delivery made by them is unique and precisely as per the requirements of the client. Customer service and customer satisfaction is the top priority of Swan Sweets. The company guarantees to deliver every product order on accurate time, as per the agreed budget and of the best possible quality. Swan Sweet’s goal is to provide customer delight by means of the utmost levels of service and quality achievable (Swan Sweet 2011); this had served as the internal driver or the principle which had motivated Swan Sweet to employ incessant change in order to upgrade the level of the services provided by them. The management of Swan Sweet believes in contemporary marketing technologies and has also developed online shop for marketing their products. The management of Swan Sweet was certain that there was a demand for an online platform which would provide best quality sweet and other confectionary products for the business segment (Swan Sweet 2011). The success of their online delivery service has proven the existence of such a requirement amongst the public. In the initial years of the formation of Swan Sweet, the growth of Muslim populace in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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