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The Temple University was set up in the year 1884 in Philadelphia with the sole intention to satisfy the growing need of education in the country…
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Analysis paper: Temple University
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Download file to see previous pages As the institute offers a widely diversified educational environment with students belonging from all around the world, it became necessary for the institute to consider various ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds. In order to gain efficiency in these aspects the authority of the university introduced various developmental strategies with due consideration to the safety of the stakeholders including students within the campus (Temple University, 2010). The paper will thereby focus on the crime rate of the university in its main campus and concentrate on the issues faced by the stakeholders as well as the students of the university because of these occurrences. Furthermore, the discussion of the paper will intend to critically evaluate the strategies adopted by the university regarding the crime rate and thus provide a few suggestions based on this context. 2.0 About the Problem The Financial Times rated the Temple University to be among the top 50 business schools in the world. It is an USA based international educational institute providing not only business education, but diversified programs in various other professional courses such as medicine (The Financial Times Ltd, 2010). ...
that the university will have to face various issues related to criminology within the campus area such as theft, burglary, sexual assault, and even murder. According to the updated 2010 annual security report published by the university, most of the crime occurrences were recorded in the main campus of Philadelphia. For instance, 17 cases of burglary were recorded on campus, two of such cases occurred in the non-campus area and seven in the residential hall area in 2009, which were significantly lesser than the previous years. On the contrary, the frequency of theft increased considerably on-campus (301), non-campus (22), public area (173) and residential hall area (60) in 2009. The cases of fraud, vandalism, simple assault and disorderly conduct have also increased to a significant extent. Notably, the rate of sexual assaults and ethnicity hate crimes were also recorded in 2009 in comparison to no such occurrences in the previous two years which can be apparently observed from the chart represented below (Temple University, 2010). Fig. 1.1 Crime Rate for Consecutive Three Years in Temple University (Temple University, 2010) It is worthy to be mentioned that the university has adopted various measures with the purpose of eradicating these issues. For example, the authority focuses on continuous patrolling of campus security police all around the main campus area along with security kiosks. The authority of the university also considers involvement of sophisticated technologies in the security system of the campus. In addition, the university signifies specific policies to control the occurrences of these crimes along with special campaigns to generate awareness among the stakeholders regarding the consequences and prevention of such offences (Temple University, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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