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Market and situational analysis
Certain of the services that Google provides are completely free while the other services are charged accordingly. However, the interesting thing here is that the charge is customized to the scope, size and the capacity of the firm…
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Google Case Study
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SWOT Analysis is the one of the most effective and widely used tool to conduct situational analysis. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. SWOT analysis takes into account both the internal and external environments of a firm. Internally, the framework analyses the strengths and weaknesses with respect to the various key dimensions such as productivity, human resources, finances, capacity, etc. Externally, the framework analyses the market trends, economic conditions, regulations, technology, etc (Ferrell & Hartline, 2008).
The SWOT analysis of Google can lead to a very good understanding of the processes that are in place in Google and its positioning in terms of its competitors.
Google has got various strengths in the industry that makes it stand out. The basic strengths that makes Google the market leader has been described here
 Google is the innovator and the pioneer in the field of search engines thereby giving it a head start over the other competitors
 The management style is open minded and Laissez Faire at its best. Thereby, the managerial decisions keep getting taken very fast that leads to avoidance of lag time and increased efficiency
 Large amount of incumbent cash and steady cash flow
 Although the switch value of the product is not much or almost nil, but the customers have shown immense amount of loyalty to the products of Google and Google as a brand
The retention policies and the compensation policies at Google are some of the best in the world. Therefore, the attrition in Google is extremely low as compared to the general industry. This particular factor translates into the tapping of the intellectual capital for them which would allow for the better leverage of market conditions. This particular feature also results in the cost efficiency as a lesser amount of money has to spend in the rehiring process. The other factor that lowers the cost is the absence of training the new hires Most of the data is translated, thereby, it can be used by a large number of the international customers The products are compatible to most of the data platforms and hardware available in the market and therefore provide the competitive edge as there are no switching costs involved in the change from an existing platform being used by the user There is a strong amount of support that the company has been enjoying from the educational community making it the medium of choice as a search engine The products are considered to be extremely chic by the urbane customers that add to its appeal It has got very high profile corporate interactions with the top notch companies like Sun and Apple that make the products extremely innovative and the user finds them easy to use. It also results in great amount of acceptance of the products aiming the corporate lines. As for example, the Sun intersperses the Google features with the Java runtime library(Boone & Kurtz,1995) It has already set up a number of channels in the telephone market that has only added to the market value of the product Google has been providing the service of free Wifi for the entire cities and the public areas which has led to its popularity among the various groups and the common public in general. It has led to very good public relations that have only resulted in the fostering of the growth.(Boon,2003) Google has entered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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