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Google analysis - Case Study Example

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This paper "Google case study analysis" provides a proposal outlining what the consultant should consider to be the key cultural management issues in this case study. The author in detail analyses Google's working policy relative to China…
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Google case study analysis
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The key cultural management issues for Google are: negotiation between two cultures with opposing social and cultural values, and understanding the factors that affect Chinese culture and how these factors can be used to persuade China to allow Google to operate in China. The first issue is negotiation between two cultures that have diverging social and cultural values. On the one hand, Google and China have strong social differences. Google wants to do no evil and it wants to provide all information needed by Chinese users. On the other hand, Google also wants to follow local laws and procedures, as it does with other countries, although it does not want to support political oppression in China. China wants to control search engines and other Internet websites to impose political control, which is often criticized as a modern form of political oppression, because it violates people’s freedom of speech and freedom to access free information.
Using Trompenaar’s value dimensions, it is clear that eastern cultures like China prefer building relationships first, before doing business with others. The Chinese are believed to be motivated by openness and acceptance, while American companies like Google are motivated by reliability and congruence (Gaunt). China wants to have an open relationship with Google, where it expects Google to open its technology to its Internet restrictions. Google, however, cannot compromise its principles. It wants something gained for something it will lose. If it is going to do some self-censorship, it must get something in return.
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