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Prospects of Cooperation with Anguilla and Somalia - Research Paper Example

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The intention of this study is to investigate the economic, cultural, and political prospects of cooperation with Anguilla and Somalia. The author analyzes the indicators of economic development, the demand for goods and services of these countries.
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Prospects of Cooperation with Anguilla and Somalia
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Extract of sample "Prospects of Cooperation with Anguilla and Somalia"

Download file to see previous pages Somalia’s culture is classified as sea-related. The people are basically engaged in fishing. The majority of the people of Somalia comply with Koranic laws, as a predominantly Muslim country. Somalia continues to suffer from the ravages of tribal wars.  Without a peaceful community environment, the businessmen would continue to fear for their lives. Consequently, many interested foreign investors would shy away from Somalia. The investors would rather invest their hard earned money in countries that are peaceful and conducive to business transactions.
Furthermore, the two countries differ, in terms of politics. Anguilla is one of the United Kingdom’s self-dependent colonies. Consequently, United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth is the chief of the Anguilla nation. The Anguilla governor is the local representative of Queen Elizabeth. The Somalia government is a democracy. The citizens elect their local politicians.
The majority of Anguilla’s current economy is focused on tourism.  Many tourists visit the beaches of Anguilla to bask in the sun’s sun tanning rays. The tourists love to personally witness the many tourist destinations with the small Caribbean nation.  Next, the country includes economic inputs from other industries. The other inputs include revenues from offshore banking, lobster fishing, and contributions from the small nation’s emigrants. Statistically, 36 percent of the nation’s workers belong to the commerce sector. The service industry sector makes up the 29 percent of the total labor force.  The construction industry sector hires 18 percent of the total workforce.                                                 
Further, the economic system in Anguilla before, during, and after colonialism is agriculture. However, Agriculture failed to generate enough profits. Consequently, the economy had focused on the tourism industry (  Currently, the Anguilla economy is based on tourism, service, and construction industry. The tourism industry invites tourists to swim in the nations’ 33 white beaches. The beaches are spacious and unspoiled. The world-class restaurants pamper the tourists with top quality food choices.     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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