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Somalia, the need for government Introduction: Somalia is a nation torn by strife and most recently known as the homeport for hundreds of modern pirates patrolling the Indian Ocean. It is this author’s belief that Somalia should establish a government, fight piracy, and provide more basic necessities for its citizens…
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Download file to see previous pages Since this time there has been social and political turmoil consisting of factions of ethnic and political sides battling each other for supremacy, in 1991 the northern clans declared an independent Republic of Somaliland which though it is not recognized as a nation by the world has maintained a stable existence. Currently the leader accepted by the world of Somalia is Sheikh SHARIF Sheikh Ahmed who was elected by expanded parliament in 2009; his goal is to transition Somalia into a representative government. (Somalia) With much of the nation outside of the northern section in chaos this will be a difficult task. Pirate activity, chaos in the streets and a complete lack of infrastructure or basic necessities in many other locations throughout the nation will make it difficult at best to re-establish a representative government. Unfortunately, there is not much known regarding the actual approaches being used to re-establish the government in Somalia. Government: Somalia should form a government to allow stabilization to occur within the nation itself. By forming a representative government the various current warlords and power figures can work together to provide what is best for the people within the borders of this nation. A representative government allows the people to first elect their representatives and to agree on who they should send to the central governing body. After arriving it is then the duty of the representative to truly represent the needs and desires of the people that elected them. The representative in this case should be very communicative with the people that have sent them, simply because due to the current state of affairs in this nation if communication lapses it could cause additional strife or result in miscommunications which could result in far more violence and crime. The principles following this initial gathering should be given a concrete status so as to assist in the formation of a single formative governing body. According to Bernard Manin, “By principles I do not mean abstract, timeless ideas or ideals, but concrete institutional arrangements that were invented at a particular point in history and that, since that point, have been observable as simultaneously present in all governments described as representative” (Manin 4). It becomes necessary to ensure that the people who are submitting to this government are both fully aware of it and embrace the idea. Unless this is made clear with the people there will continue to be internal strife resulting in and not limited too civil war, as a result it is of the utmost importance that they understand what it is that is being attempted. Piracy: Piracy and Somalia are seemingly synonymous in the international business world, and while it is true that many incidents have occurred recently involving Somalian pirates the entire nation of people cannot be judged by such a relative few actions. Recently within the first few months of 2011 over 140 attacks were registered worldwide as a result of Somalian pirates. And while there is a large group of ships patrolling these waters, “More than 20 naval vessels now patrol the coast of Somalia as part of multinational coalition established in December 2008. The flotilla includes ships from the EU, U.S. and NATO, as well China and Russia” (Rai). Because over 40% of the entire world’s oil supplies are transported through this area the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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