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This essay analyzes the iPad and iPhone sales of Apple company since Apple beats on huge iPhone sales, but iPad sales continue to tank. The earning of Apple this quarter made the company make $11.1 billion profit adding $51.5 in revenue. this has increased the earning of the Apple…
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Apple iPhone and iPad Sales
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Sur Apple beats on huge iPhone sales, but iPad sales continue to tank The earning of Apple this quarter made the company make $11.1 billion profit adding $51.5 in revenue. Consequently, this has increased the earning of the Apple diluted share to $1.96 per share. Previously, Apple had predicted a revenue income of $50.98 billion, $1.88 per share and profits of $10.3 billion. Besides, these earnings surpass the profits of the previous quarter where apple made profits of $8.5 billion while the shares were trading at 1.42 per diluted shares (Heisler, 1). Therefore, this quarter becomes Apple’s most successful year in income this year. Apple attributes this success to its efforts in continuous team creativity
The iPhone was Apple’s standout star with apple selling 48 million units of iPhone. On the other hand, Apple sold 9.9 million units of IMac and 5.7 million units of iPad. This still indicates that iPad is still dragging the results that were evident in the previous years. The sales in iPad are declining while those of iPhone are increasing.
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Heisler, Y. (2015, October 27). Apple beats on huge iPhone sales, but iPad sales continue to tank. Retrieved from Read More
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Apple IPhone and IPad Sales Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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