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This discussion, University Fee Control, talks about the university fees in the last years which have been very high. Students pursue their university education very expensively yet the job prospects are very small, the government should ensure that the fees are regulated. …
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University Fee Control
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FEE CONTROL by + The fees in the last years have been very high. Students pursue their university education very expensively yet the job prospects are very small, the government should ensure that the fees are regulated. As the inflation rate increases, most vice-chancellors tend to increase the university fees so as to cater for the high inflation in the country’s economy.
The government has been hesitant in monitoring the set price for 25 years which in turn, results in many institutions increasing fees to a higher extent than that required by the government. It’s absurd to note that despite the high fee increment, salaries of the graduates are never increased to cover up for the high cost of learning they undertook. The government, therefore, has to protect students from exploitation in various institutions in the country.
When the university fees are high, many families are unable to afford. Few people get the opportunity to pursue higher education and hence increased illiteracy while people like the youths, may resort to crimes as a means of sustaining their livelihood, and others get into drug abuse. There have been measures put in place and are assumed to be of help to the students, the measures such as increasing the students loan is really not of help since an increased loan would only make students indebted to the government .Setting up a price favorable to both the government and institutions will be of great significance to the organization and the economy (Robinson, Tsiaplias and Nguyen, 2015).
In a bid to beat its competitors, the University of Western Australia made it clear that it will charge $16,000 a year, about double the current average fee, yet there is no added value that the students will benefit from as they suffer in silence. The Australian budget papers show that graduates are not likely to get jobs in the coming years. An economist, Phil Lewis used the 2011 census data and made a report that indicates a decline in the earnings advantage that graduates benefit from. It also showed that 20 percent of the graduates would have still been better off even if they never went to university (Lim, Chua and Nguyen, 2013).
Government intervention in the university fees is the only solution to the fee problems faced by students. It should, therefore, take stern measures in ensuring that students are not disadvantaged. Once this is done, students will enjoy the fruits of their labor upon graduating rather than paying for loans and getting jobs that pay salaries which are not equivalent to the money they spent on their education (Abayadeera, 2013).
Group Work Plan
Our group broke the work into different portions. We planned to meet for two hours every day until the end of the group work. We are later on revised and reviewed it. Our time frame was designed as illustrated below;
Name of Members
Task Allocated
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5th portion
Our group performed so well; it was vivacious, and each and every member of the group was given a chance to air the opinions. Although some had contradicting views, people accommodated them and sought them out very well. Despite the success, most of the group members tended to come late for the group discussion but we agreed amicably that no one will be late during the next debate. Regarding the contribution of team members, we gave marks of 9 out of 10. This is because each group member handled the success of this group work and its completion. There were good leadership, communication, and active listening. The only challenge was lateness.
Lim, G., Chua, C. and Nguyen, V. (2013).Review of the Australian Economy 2012-2013: A Tale of Two Relatives. Australian Economic Review.
Robinson, T., Tsiaplias, S. and Nguyen, V. (2015).Australian Economy in 2014-2015: An Economy in Transition. Australian Economic Review.48.pp, 1-14.
Abayadeera, N. (2013).The experience of an International University Teacher in Australia. Accounting Education, 22(3), pp.295-298. Read More
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