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Birth Control - Assignment Example

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This essay describes that Birth control refers to one or more devices, actions, medications or practices followed to intentionally reduce or prevent pregnancy likelihood or childbirth. There are three key birth control routes that prevents or end pregnancy; contraception, contragestion and surgical…
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Birth Control
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Extract of sample "Birth Control"

Download file to see previous pages Firstly, the world population is increasingly growing faster and even if one cannot feel the effects of earth’s growing population, many other nations are lacking basic needs and loosing resources. Therefore, philosophers and scientists argue that birth control can act significantly in slowing down the rate of population growth in the world and also prevent the increasing rate of deaths of infants. For instance, less than 5% people in many nations in Africa use the contraceptives; thus this increases the possibility of over population in the world. If the percentage of people using contraceptives was much higher and people could be aware of the advantages of using the controls it could assist everyone in the planet in terms of resources and basic needs. Therefore, there is need to help everyone understand the advantage of reducing or controlling population to help people have balanced resources and be able to get their basic needs.
Secondly, people argue that it is reasonable accepting birth control to be a moral matter and also more of ethics. It can be immoral preventing conception but also it is not ethical to willingly permit ourselves causing unwanted pregnancies that may lead to more destitution. Some ladies tend to get unwanted pregnancies and make the infant suffer as they do not have income or resources to support the child. As a result many children are raised in such conditions whereby they were born unplanned and become miserable as their parents or mothers cannot afford raising them and providing all their basic needs. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Birth Control Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Birth Control Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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Giving Birth Control to Teenagers

...of the primary arguments against providing birth control to teenagers is that it encourages them to engage in sexual relations. When one considers this argument, it’s demonstrated to be completely erroneous. The human sexual drive is one of the primary instinctual motivations and as such teenagers will continue to experiment with sex whether effective contraception is made available or not. Indeed, teenage pregnancy rates are on the rise (Dawn). In these regards, it’s clear that policymakers must make a shift in their perspectives from viewing birth control as a harmful element, to one that can actually aid teenagers who are already engaging in sexual practices. The idea...
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Birth control

... Birth Control Preface Birth control is the process of using contraceptives to prevent pregnancies. These methods cover contraceptives used on the bodies or those taken in: condoms, IUDs, birth control pills, vasectomy and hormone based birth control methods. These methods not only allow a couple to prevent pregnancy but also to plan the timing of pregnancy. What we are going to discuss in this paper are the different methods used to induce birth control. Are these methods morally or physically right and safe for the people that indulge in them? There are different opinions throughout the world that label birth control either a good choice or a completely ridiculous one. The only contraceptive option that has been widely accepted...
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Birth control

..., this is strongly opposed to making the issue complicated that it is difficult to determine which is right or wrong. The process of the research was not that difficult because I am already familiar with the state policy of China about birth control being a Chinese descent myself. I already have a working knowledge of the government’s policy about birth control and I only have to supplement it with a peer reviewed journal to validate what is already known to me. These comparisons of two extreme cases of how birth control is perceived only illustrate that there is no absolute perspective that could be taken as universally right about...
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Birth Control

...ed policy change as an incremental process that came from careful research and the persuasion of political leaders (Kass-Annese and Danzer, 2003). At the other end of the spectrum stand activists who view overpopulation as a national and global emergency that needs to be addressed immediately and with radical, coercive measures if voluntary programs cannot help. Birth control methods are divided into physical methods and behavioral methods. The main physical methods are briers and hormonal methods, ormeloxifene and intrauterine method, emergency contraception and induced abortion, sterilization. To behavioral methods belong: futility awareness, statistical methods and 'interrupted sex', abstinence and lactational period (Birth Control...
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Birth Control In South Africa

...heir three million; how do they propose – in a democratic arrangement – to balance this numerical superiority?” asks Modisane (1963, p.239) in Blame me on History. It took decades and centuries for South Africans to overcome this hideous hurdle and today, to the relief of the entire world, Africans could proudly say that they have abolished this blight on human history. Issues faced by present South Africa are different. It is torn between birth control and the traditional family life, which has led to zero check on population. With Vatican against birth control practice by Roman Catholics, there had been no end to controversy, even though political leaders and government are aware that it is the sheer necessity. Six children had...
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Birth Control in Schools

... majorities of adults favor SEX and AIDS education that includes discussions of condoms and contraceptives. For example, a 1998 poll of American adults found that 87% thought birth control should be covered (Rose & Gallup, 41-53), a 1998 poll found that 90% of adults thought condoms should be covered (Haffner & Wagoner, 22-23)and another 1999 poll found that 82% of adults believed all aspects of sex education including birth control and safer sex should be taught . (Hoff, Greene, McIntosh, Rawlings, & D'Amico, 2000). Given both the need for effective educational programs and public support for such programs, schools have responded. According to a 1999 national survey of school teachers in grades 7 to 12, about 93% of their schools...
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Birth Control Policy

...individuals rather than focusing on the institutional level. The public policy making process is normally at the heart of effective services provision. It has been stated that the process of policy making normally occurs six major phases (Howlett, et al 2009). These are agenda setting, decision making, policy formulation, implementation, evaluation and finally termination or renewal. Health is a matter of public interest. For this reason the government involvement in matters concerning health is usually to a greater extent. The government normally formulates policies for different reasons. Some policies are normally formulated for the purpose of population control. Population control is actually the essence of birth control. The...
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IUD Birth Control

...s of IUD contraceptives. The side effects of the IUD birth control should be highlighted, as well as how they vary across different patients. The patient should know what to expect or how to deal with this method of contraception. The patient has to understand their usability, and also monitor any underlying health complications in that regard. In other words, patient safety is fundamental to account for. References Fritz, M. A. & Speroff, L. (2011). Endometriosis. In Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility, 8th ed., pp. 1221-1248. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. Grimes, D. A. (2007). Intrauterine devices (IUDs). In R.A Hatcher et al., eds., Contraceptive Technology, 19th ed., pp. 117-143. New York: Ardent...
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Arguments for Birth Control

... further prevent ectopic pregnancies due to the fact that they are able to suppress ovulation which makes them the most preferred contraceptive alternative for women especially those who are at the risk of having ectopic pregnancies which is a great threat to life (Sanger, 2013). The birth control methods reduces the risk of contracting ovarian cysts which is a fluid-filled growth developing in the ovary. This is possible because the pills prevent ovulation. The methods further prevent pelvic inflammation diseases which are caused by bacteria that infect the fallopian tubes as well as the uterus and can cause infertility under extreme conditions. They also reduce the spread of acne which cannot be cured by other forms of medications...
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Birth control

...cannot afford it. This can be a barrier to the women’s choice of contraceptive method. Given the extent to which contraceptives are important to women, more so college women, the government has an obligation to fund the low-cost birth control for college women. This will enable most women to access to birth control services at relatively low costs. As a result, there will be a reduction in the cases of unplanned pregnancies which often lead to abortions. PART B In response to the post by the student, I agree with her that women need to embrace the use of contraceptives. The benefits of using contraceptives are very evident for those who choose to use it. However, it is...
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