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International Economic Relations - Essay Example

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Human development indicators that are part of the most recent reports. Human development has three indicators, which include Life expectancy, Education attainment, and income. The education is also further determined by other two indicators, which are the expected years of schooling and the mean years of schooling…
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International Economic Relations
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The life expectancy in high human development countries is a healthy and long life. The living standards of its people are more decent and lively (Schenk). Like in Australia majority of the people have better access to better medical care and their life expectancy is high compared to the middle and the low human development countries. The table below shows the life expectancy trend from 1980 to 2013 of Australia and other high human development countries.

The life expectancy in middle human development countries is fairly better based on health and life duration. The living standards of it’s people are moderate and better compared to low human development countries but slightly less than high human development countries. The table below illustrates the life expectancy of Egypt and other middle countries.

Life expectancy for countries with low human aspect of development is relatively small compared to other middle and high countries. Living standards is also lower compared to other countries at higher levels. Below is a table showing the life expectancy in Kenya.

Expected years for one to be in school and the considered average years of schooling, indexes are employed to determine the education index. 18 years is used as the expected years of schooling and is based on enrolment of age at all levels of learning. The expected years of schooling indicator uses a minimum of zero years and a maximum of 18 years. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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