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Analyze one week of world economy - Essay Example

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MBA Mortgage, for instance, registered an increase in index of 2.3 percent, an escalated figure from the previous negative 2.3…
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Analyze one week of world economy
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Extract of sample "Analyze one week of world economy"

Analysis of One-Week World Economy The week beginning 22 April to 24 April registered mixed reactions in income spending of job income for the employees in US and the world economy. MBA Mortgage, for instance, registered an increase in index of 2.3 percent, an escalated figure from the previous negative 2.3 percent. The durable orders became the most dynamic spending sector registering 0.7 percent of the job income-spending index. The durable orders registered 4 percent of the index, a figure up by 5.4 percent from the previous recording. The higher percentage indicates the increase in manufacturing activities within the world economy. Spending on durable goods was relatively rigid, this was an indication of stagnation or fall in the economy. Within the analysis week as the change or fluctuation in the index was minimal, from negative 0.3 to negative 0.2, a figure that was massively below the experts’ projection of 0.4 percent.
The US economy registered negative statistics recording EUR/USD figures that were down as compared to experts’ projections. The only sector in the economy that recorded a positive figure was home sales whereas the new home sales, unemployment claims, and manufacturing reports recorded lowered figures from the projections. The projections indicated slowdown in the manufacturing sector that the negative statistics proved. The fluctuation of the dollar is another influencing factor that negatively affected the US economy. The unemployment rates were high because of the existence of part-time jobs in the labor market and lack of full-time positions that rendered many unemployed over time.
The cost of orders received for the durable goods were low to a negative 2 percent, an indication of slow economic growth. The figures exempted orders for transportation that was stable regardless of the economic instability. From the rest of the world’s economies, Germany registered an index of 113.9, a figure up by 1.9 from the previous recordings (The Forex Market n.p). The figures indicate the current conditions and future projection of economic growth. The survey analyzed more than 7000 businesses, and the realization of a positive index indicates growth in the economy. The growth in the economy represents an improvement in the gross domestic income contributed to by an increase in net exports.
The US Euro economy rarely benefits from variety of economy injections because of its weaker currency, which only favors the exports thereby discouraging local manufacturers who become less competitive. There exists a cut of close to a third, a figure projected to be capable of saving approximately EURO 100 billion in 2015 (The Forex Market n.p). Asian Euro as reflected by the Japan economy that gained the most compared to the other world economies. The global drop in the market prices of oil prices accompanied by the fall in inflation levels positively influenced the market by low and falling prices.
In conclusion, the world economies registered mixed reactions between the periods 22 April to 24 April. The Japanese economy was the most stable relatively registering positive indices because of the falling rates of inflation. The US was the major loser in the world economy registering negative 0.6 percent in industrial production.
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(Analyze One Week of World Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 5)
Analyze One Week of World Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 5.
“Analyze One Week of World Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 5”, n.d.
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