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The process of scholarly writing - Essay Example

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The process of scholarly writing necessarily engages a level of oversight and review that few other types of writing require. Even though this process is rather thorough, it should not be understood that scholarly writing, and peer-reviewed pieces of research, are indicative of perfect argumentation and well reasoned facts…
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The process of scholarly writing
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As a function of this particular analysis, the author will consider and review a scholarly publication entitled “driving a green economy through public finance and fiscal policy reform”.
This particular article, published by the University of Oxford and authored by Benjamin Jones, argues that immediate and far-reaching global changes must be engaged through a strategy and framework of policy, regulatory, and financial reforms as a means of creating a greener and more sustainable planet. Whereas there are invariably a great many strengths that this individual paper represents, there are also a high level of drawbacks and/or weaknesses that should also be analyzed. In such a way, this rhetorical analysis will engage the reader with a collection of each of these in the hopes that such a rhetorical analysis will be beneficial and hoping to categorize, classify, and delineate which elements of the analysis are particularly strong and should be engaged in a more full and complete manner as well as which elements of the research are naturally flawed and might need a level of further analysis order to consider them for inclusion in such a level of argumentation. Firstly, it is necessary to note that the level of research and analysis that went into the publication of this particular piece was profound. Residents always easy to point to shortcomings of particular author may have with respect to the way in which subject matter is presented, it must be recognized and appreciated that the level of research and the scope of analysis which was included within this particular analysis was profound. ...
Although it is the opinion of this particular analyst that many of the points that are argued within the analysis are ultimately flawed, it cannot be stated that they are not well presented and scholarly. Finally, the introduction itself posted of a powerful overview with regards the topics that will be discussed; rather than merely mentioning them briefly and delving directly into a framework and methodology that would be employed (Jones 339). Another noted strength is with regards to the entire section dealing with subsidy reform within the current system. Due to the fact that the current level of subsidy delineation is ultimately corrupt and flawed, a change in the structure would create a high level of existing funding through which green industry and practice could be promoted. With all of this being said, a rhetorical analysis in and of itself would not be complete unless it analyze some of the specific failures and weaknesses that the piece in question engenders. As such, one of the first of these is with regards to the element of “green taxation” that was presented within the research. Even though the rationale for this was understood, the reader is left with a distinct concern with respect to the way in which deadweight loss to the economy and the difficulties of managing such taxation would be engaged. The reader does not have to have a background in economics to understand that the imposition of tax and/or a duty or subsidy necessarily creates a level of deadweight loss to the entire economy. However, even though the author advocates green taxation as a means of engaging further element of environmental protectionism and sustainability throughout the world, no ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Process of Scholarly Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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