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Economic Crisis in the Iranian Revolution - Essay Example

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The economic crisis in Iran during the 1970’s was mainly caused by Shah’s lack of legitimacy and political strategy for dividing and ruling the Iranians. This report will give a chronological event during which the economic crisis period began from around the 70s till the revolution.
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Economic Crisis in the Iranian Revolution
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Download file to see previous pages This essay approves that the use of military government force was also another way the Shah Regime performed dismally in their reign. The public made retaliations from increased government attacks. They targeted government security forces and fought the army in all circumstances. In an effort to try and correct their mistakes, the Shah’s government released political prisoners. The left organization political prisoners such as Tudeh, Fedayeen and Mojahehedin guerrillas were released after oppression by reigning government. Their release at the moment when people wanted revolution gave them popularity and used this advantage to organize attacks on government buildings such as offices and financial institutions. These groups also took advantage to separate the armed forces within the Shah government by urging them to arm the protestors. The main aim of these oppressed political prisoners was to destabilize the country within the shortest period of time. Moreover, they frequently attacked the army.
This report makes a conclusion that from the analysis of strategic measures put in place by Khomeini such as the use of Islamic laws in governance, Shah’s regime was overthrown. Additionally, massive strikes, protests and military government contributed greatly to the economic crisis that occurred during the Iranian revolution. Therefore, Shah’s political failure as a result of miscalculated political moves and governance method gave the opposition an opportunity to bring revolution in Iran. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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