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Abortion and its Economic Ripples - Essay Example

Abortion and its Economic Ripples

Abortion dates back as early as ancient times (Kahane 315). For the past years, the act of abortion has been a classic hot topic in debates. Even world leaders seem to be divided in their opinions, as evidenced by varying laws on abortion across countries (317). While most conservative religions condemn the act, there are some who have initiated conditions, wherein abortion of babies can be tolerated. Ethical standpoint has traditionally preceded the argument of abortion (315). Practicality these days have led people to consider economic implications as well. The arguments of whether abortion is a justifiable act of terminating a life has extended to the issues of supply and demands, societal effects on marriages and proportional trends in crime rates (327). In analysis of existing studies, legality of abortion has always brought profits which can be considered a positive turn for the economy (323). The ostensibly sole wrongness in which abortion universally stands is that it is an act of terminating a life (338). Despite of differences in opinions, abortions initiate ripple effect on the economy. As governments set budgets for abortion, the demand for it increases (325). To add to this is the fact that society is continually swayed as demands for abortion vary. The unending debate and dilemma on abortion goes on. The complexity of its reasons, ethical considerations and economic implications will continue to exert varying effects into humanity.

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Abortion dates back as early as ancient times (Kahane 315). For the past years, the act of abortion has been a classic hot topic in debates. Even world leaders seem to be divided in their opinions, as evidenced by varying laws on abortion across countries…
Abortion and its Economic Ripples
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