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Employment - Research Paper Example

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The tough economic situation, led to the country registering the highest unemployment rate, which has left several people without their jobs, and it is still rising in an alarming rate. The…
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Extract of sample "Employment"

Download file to see previous pages Unemployment has various effects on the economy and on people, which has caused substantial problems to wellbeing of the nation.
According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment has serious effects on an individual’s emotional and sociological condition. Employment is a shunned upon the issue in today society. Therefore, those that are unemployed undergo past several societal changes that may affect their sociological state of mind. The U.S society views those that are unemployed as slackers and hardly empathizes with the jobless people. The unemployed persons go through the pain of knowing that, they have no job themselves, while on the same time, having to face the lack of ability to protect this fact, from the environment surrounding them (Strand, Novo and Hammarstrom 1). When one falls deeply in this situation the entire state of mind can be damaged. Some even consider the unemployed as a burden to the country. However, the unemployed people work as harder as the employed people to upkeep themselves only that they do not have a recognized job. The eventual effects of being unemployed become so detrimental that the unemployed face-losing essential parts of their lives. Some lose their cars, home, and even families.
Unemployment has an impact on society as a whole. The unemployed people are capable of making a significant contribution to the public, but they are incapable of doing so because of their unfortunate circumstances. This has mandated the U.S government to disburse unemployment settlement to the unemployment leading to the straining of the government budget. The government is in turn forced to borrow from organizations such as the World Bank to have enough budget funds to make such payments, as currently unemployment is on the increase (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).
The experience of unemployment causes long-term consequences; both amplified probability of potential unemployment and lesser ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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... of potential employers lost through disease, and increased child care cost will force most employees to find ways of bettering their wages, either through job hoping, or making themselves marketable. Workers will telecommute; enabling them to use time spent commuting into productive work. The choices available for reemployment will be endless due to new, upcoming jobs including computer programmer, day care provider, environmental engineer, and elder specialist. People will be working during the weekends, in the evenings and on holidays (Roger Backhouse).  Inflation Inflation is expected to increase in the next five years, because the rising prices of commodities is not lasting a short time. Prospects of currency shifts and high commodity...
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In this context, it should be mentioned that Schuler et al. (1998, 159) there are a few issues that need to be taken into consideration when formulating the human resource strategy of a particular organizational environment: ‘a) the business structure, b) the legislative and employment relationship context, c) the patterns of HRM competence and decision-making and d) the national culture’. The above views are supported by Gooderham et al. (1999, 507) who stated that ‘despite their very different assumptions, both rational and institutional explanations of organizational structure and management practices predict similarity among firms that operate in the same industry within the context of a simple country’...
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What is usually required is that the person vicariously liable has in some manner conceivably authorized the conduct giving rise to the tort. There are three circumstances in which one person may be held vicariously liable for the misconduct of another.1 They are:

1. A master/servant relationship such as an employer/employee. In these types of relationships, the master is liable for the misconduct of an employee provided the latter is acting in the course of his or her employment.

On the facts of the case for discussion, the vicarious liability involved turns on the master/servant or employer/employee relationship. The general rule is that it is the nature and circumstances of the actual employment that justi...
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By virtue of the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 the employer is under a statutory duty to maintain the water and sewage plant if it is reasonable and practical to do so. The duty is contained in Section 2 which mandates that the employer ensure the safety and welfare of all empl...
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On the other hand, the change in the forms of employment has led to a decrease in employees’ performance in the high percentage of organizations internationally. Towards this direction, McGovern et al. (2004, 225) stated that ‘the rapid growth in nonstandard forms of employment toward the end of the 20th century has fuelled claims about the spread of "bad jobs" within Anglo-American capitalism; research from the United States indicates that such jobs have more bad characteristics than do permanent jobs after controlling for workers’. In other words, the bad conditions in the workplace – lack of communication and cooperation among the employees - but also between the employees and the firm’s owners - l...
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Through the course of history, it can be observed that the role of the female members of the population is continuously being leveled to that of the male, thus, in terms of the number of employees and organizational positions that are being held by women, the change is evident.  It can be considered that upon the achievement of the women to have equal opportunity to work and excel in the career of choice, the number of labor participation had increased. To be able to determine and present the objectives of the study, it is important to consider different issues that are related to the topic at hand. The main basis of the said notion is on the basis of different reasons such as in terms of the economic, family and social aspec...
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Analysts explain that this situation is not simply because citizens don’t want to exercise this fundamental right, but largely because of the continued failure of the governments to institute an effective implementation of employment policies put in place (Howell, 2005). It has clearly been demonstrated by Mathew (2006) that the United Kingdom government has shown a lot of unwillingness in tackling the reported unemployment crisis.

Available research findings reveal that there are high unemployment rates among UK born ethnic minorities which show great diversities. According to a 2001 report, it is shown that unemployment rates amongst UK born men and women from black, Bangladeshi and Pakistani ethnic groups were...
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Chapter 5: Conclusions: This chapter will detail the conclusions of the research and will also include the recommendations by the researcher. The limitations of this research will also be included and further research recommendations for the same will also be included.
Human resource managers have a major impact on organizations and they hold a very responsible position. The duties of the HR managers are to ensure that the organization employs the right set of employees and there is also a good mix of skills within the organization. It is also to ensure that all the activities and processes relating to the employees are handled and completed in sync with the culture, values, and mission of the company.
The main reason to...
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