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A closer look at Nigeria: Security, Governance, and Trade (hearing report) - Essay Example

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The U.S is greatly concerned about the state in Nigeria and how the problems in the region can be solved (Adomi 12). The United…
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A closer look at Nigeria: Security, Governance, and Trade (hearing report)
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Download file to see previous pages The present in the meeting were The Hon. Johnnie Carson ASSAA U.S department of state, Miss Sharon Cromer SDAAA U.S Agency and International Development and Mr. Paul Marin the Regional Director for Sub-Saharan Africa U.S Trade and Dev. Agency among other members. They all gave speeches concerning the matter which is very sensitive especially to the U.S Government. As one of the leading oil producers in the world and the biggest oil producer in Africa, the issues there must concern the whole world due to the fact that any problems faced by the country will definitely affect the business and the rest of the world especially the U.S and others of its customers (Adomi 20). The U.S is one of the countries that have big plans in its investments in the energy department of Nigeria and it has to look into the problems touching of the economic situation in the particular country.
The U.S is bound to benefit from the energy sector in Nigeria and it has to be very careful to prevent and address the problems in Nigeria in order to do safe and beneficial business there. While discussing the problems identified and how to tackle them (Adomi 33). The members of the U.S senate and government all talked about the causes, effects and what should be done to change the situation once and for all. For instance Miss Sharon Cromer who gave quite a long speech on the matter talked about issues of war, inequality in terms of resources between the north and southern regions of Nigeria as some of the things that should be looked into.
The U.S senator Chris Coons also mentioned the same issues as the rest of the members including Senator Isakson. Issue mentioned as the major problems pulling Nigeria backward were Security Governance and Trade (Adomi 35).
The issue of Elections was mainly touched on and according to most of the members from U.S government, elections of 2011 were the fairest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Closer Look at Nigeria: Security, Governance, and Trade (hearing Essay.
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