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et al. The first to fourth edition of this book was published in the year 1877 and this book was published by Bedford/St. Martin’s Pub in 2009. This book had been written in 4 editions covering…
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Report Book of The American Promise: A History of the United States
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Download file to see previous pages Then he served in the Peace Corps in Nigeria and also taught in the University of Nigeria. Throughout his life he has been able to display a clear political framework of the American history which helps people to connect and understand the important concepts.
I find this book to be very well plotted and very well written. Many people think that this book is written to engage them by giving them a clear view of the American history through the eyes of the people who actually lived through it.
This book is based on the hundreds of voices narrating their stories from their own perspectives. Some people believe that this book was written with the Intentions of making a quick-buck of the misfortune and misery of the people who lived through it, I however, do not find this very believable because sometimes our textbooks don’t rhetorically explain the historical events in depth as people who lived through it do.
People find it very helpful in understanding and relating the historical context of some of the issues negatively affecting the U.S today. The second edition of the “American Promise” is not at all disappointing in this regard, in the second edition the U.S history has been surveyed from the reconstruction to the end of the 2nd bush administration. This textbook touches upon some major events that both positively and negatively affected the growth from the past 150 years.
“The American Promise” is the value edition which is perfect for teachers looking for low-prices informative books with high-quality text. This text book consumes its reader attention towards the end; it is also a favorable choice of all instructors because it engages the students to relive the course of history and see it through the eyes of the people of that time. It contains the thoughts of more than a thousand American souls. This book offers them a compelling and a memorable narrative of the American history for a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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