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Elasticity - Essay Example

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For instance, the questions as to how much would I sell more if the price of my product is lowered, how much less would I sell if…
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Extract of sample "Elasticity"

Download file to see previous pages The function of responsiveness of a particular variable to the change in parameters of the other variables is what elasticity is all about. The frequently used dimensions of elasticity include price elasticity of demand, price elasticity of supply, income elasticity of demand and elasticity of substitution between factors of production. Because of the immense contribution that the concept of elasticity has made to the study of responsiveness of price and other factors to changes in demand and supply, it has indeed made a significant contribution to the understanding of the market and agents in its. This is the topic for this paper and the subsequent paragraphs discuss the concept in detail along with the example of a supermarket to elucidate the concept.
If we take the first dimension or the PED (Price Elasticity of Demand), this is the percentage change in the quantity demanded for a drop or rise in price and hence measures how “elastic” the demand is to a change in the price of the good. The measurement of PED is by dividing the percentage change in the quantity demanded by the percentage change in the price and since either the percentage change in demand or the percentage change in price is negative, the PED is always negative. Hence, the PED is usually expressed in terms of absolute values. Goods that have a PED of more than 1 are supposed to be highly elastic meaning that changes in price have a large effect on the change in demand. On the other hand, goods that have a PED less than 1 or between 0 and 1 are supposed to be inelastic or relatively inelastic. This is because the change in demand is not that much greater for a change in price (Ayers & Collins, 2003). If we apply this dimension to the case of the supermarket, we find that goods like alcoholic beverages and luxury products like perfumes and cosmetics are highly elastic since a drop in the price invariably leads to ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Elasticity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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... will lead to less revenues for sellers of corn oil as the percentage decrease in quantity demanded for corn oil is more than percentage increase in price. Note that percentage change in quantity demanded is negative while the percentage change in price is positive. When the price elasticity of demand for corn oil is unitary or equal to 1, then the revenue change for sellers of corn oil is zero because the percentage change in quantity demanded for corn oil and the percentage change in the price of corn oil are the same. Finally, when the price elasticity of demand for corn oil is less than 1 or inelastic, then an increase in the price of corn oil will lead to more revenues for the sellers of corn oil because the percentage decrease...
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Price Elasticity of Demand necessities. Therefore the price elasticity of demand for them would not exceed 1. In this case, Mylan Laboratories has increased their prices by close to 600% and this will have an effect on the demand as many people cannot afford the extra expense that is accompanied by the price increment. There are a number of factors that will inform the elasticity of the demand. First, the availability of substitutes is a major determinant (Wall & Griffiths 2008). With the presence of generic drugs that are supplied by competitors, the increase in prices of the patented Mylan Laboratories’ drugs may decrease the demand. The substitutes’ closeness to the Mylan Laboratories’ drugs, their uniqueness and their...
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..., discount sales and online marketing. Most of the strategies are designed to overcome the ‘elasticity’ factor. Availability of credit being the important element in the scheme, the seller’s ability to arrange finance for the consumers to buy their product plays an important role with the highly developed financial services sector to-day. Exchange rates and interest rates are the important considerations while buying on credit. The supply side constraints on account of events such as monsoon failure, industrial unrest and natural disasters and the regulation of supply through collusion under monopolistic conditions vitiate the market conditions. The pharmaceutical companies taking advantage of the protection given under...
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Distinguish between price elasticity of demand, cross elasticity of demand, income elasticity of demand and price elasticity of

...take in order to reduce the fluctuations of commodity prices. Section 1: Explanation of important terms 300 Price elasticity of demand Price elasticity of demand shows the relationship between the changes in the quantity demanded of any specific product with the changes in the price of that specific product. The terminology of price elasticity of demand is generally referred to analyze the sensitivity of the prices of the product (Hanushek, & Quigley, 1980). Price elasticity of demand can be calculated using the following formula: If there is a little change in the prices of the good and this small change can cause a large change in the demand of the product, then such a...
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Importance of the Elasticity of Demand

...of demand is defined as the percentage change in demand caused by a percentage change in consumer price (Mankiw and Taylor 2006). For example, if the price elasticity of cigarette demand was -0.5 percent, a one percent increase would cause a 0.5 percent decrease in demand. Elasticity indicates stretch and flexibility. The flexibility or the price elasticity of demand will change depending on the commodity (Pindyck and Rubenfeld 2001). Price elasticity can also measure the willingness and ability of an individual consumer to pay for a good. Individuals with lower incomes are likely to have lower price elasticity, because they have less money to spend. An...
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Price Elasticity Of Demand

... responsive to price changes. The demand for these products is said to be relatively inelastic. (Daly H.E, 2004 p146) The degree of price elasticity or inelasticity of demand is measured by the coefficient of elasticity. (Pindyck, R. S and Rubinfeld, P. L, 2005) It can be defined as; The percentage changes in the equation are computed by dividing the change in quantity by the original quantity demanded and by dividing the change in price by the original price. (Boyes, W. J, and Melvin, M, 2008p84)Therefore, the formula can be restated as; There are two main reasons why we use percentages instead of absolute amounts. They are; If absolute changes are used, the choice of units will be arbitrary affect the impression of the consumers...
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Price Elasticity of Demand

...demanded, the market will be at equilibrium price and quantity. Since the demand for corn is up it means demand for corn oil is also up hence quantity demanded is higher than quantity supplied. The buyers will compete for the available corn oil hence pushes the prices up. Baumol & Blinder (2009 p 57) argues that quantity demanded is also dependent on; income, tastes, price of other products and population size. If price of corn oil goes up, buyers in response to price change will cut quantity of demand of corn oil to alternative sources of energy which are cheaper especially if price elasticity of demand of corn is high. If buyers have increased income and have high income elasticity they buy more corn oil thus increasing demand and...
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Elasticity of Demand: A Close Investigation

...mathematically in the following manner (Depken 2006:74): Price elasticity differs for different commodities. Usually, it varies on a scale of zero to infinity where possible cases can be equal to zero, unity, less than and greater than one (Figure 1). These cases are called degrees of price elasticity of demand which are briefed as below (Mankiw 2008:93): Unity elasticity (ε= 1) Change in demand is exactly equal to the change in price. Examples in this category include education, housing, movies and radio and television services (Anderson et al. 1997). High elasticity (ε> 1) Change in demand is more than change in price. For example, airline travel, restaurants,...
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Price Elasticity will attract people’s attention as a result of its high cost (Moschandreas, 2000). If a commodity represents a small percentage of the consumer’s income, on the other hand, it will have little effect on demand, and is deemed to be inelastic. Therefore, the purchasing power of the consumer affects elasticity a great deal. Necessity also profoundly affects elasticity. If a product is necessary, that is, if one cannot do without a product, elasticity is reduced because people will still buy the product irrespective of the change in price (Ferrell, 2010). The availability of alternative goods affects elasticity. If a substitute good is close and readily available to the...
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Concepts of Supply and the Elasticity of Demand

... goods and services has a very inelastic price elasticity of demand, the actual level of demand that consumers express bears little relation to the price that is being offered for the commodity. Figure 1.0 Source: Marban, Zwaan, Grigoriev, Hiller, & Vredeveld, 2012 This particular graph is indicative of an elastic demand curve. It is important to bear in mind that the demand curve is not steeply sloping; rather, it exhibits a gradual decline as price fluctuates. Naturally, determinants such as consumer time horizon will greatly impact the total elasticity that is represented in the above representation by elongating and flattening the demand curve as a result of the fact that the consumer believes that the cost is likely to change within...
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Use the concept of elasticity as applied to demand, supply, and income to explain why firms may have different pricing strategies and why they may react differently to a price change by a rival Use real world examples to demonstrate your answers

... been noted that firms often develop diverse set of strategies in order to meet the demands of the customers and deal with the fluctuating nature of business market. In this regard, one of such strategies of the companies can be found to develop diverse pricing strategies for complying with the changing demand as well as supply trends of the customers (Pasmore, 1994). The discussion of this particular essay will focus on depicting the reasons about why firms in the modern day scenario practice different pricing strategies through using the conceptions of elasticity of demand, supply and income with the assistance of real world or practical examples. Discussion The perception of ‘elasticity’ is regarded as the ratio of the percentage change...
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Use the concept of elasticity as applied to demand, supply, and income to explain why firms may have different pricing strategies and why they may react differently to a price change by a rival Use real world examples to demonstrate your answers

...Macro & Micro economics By Due The concept of elasti holds great importance in pricing strategies. It measures the degree of responsiveness to a change. Price elasticity calculates the change in demand with a unit change in price (Marshall, 1890). In an economic system, every firm wants to maximize its profit and minimize its total cost. There are different types of market in an economy and the decisions made by firms vary according to the market in which they operate. In perfectly competitive markets, a change in price draws immediate response from the competitors. Firms face perfect elasticity in perfect competition. They are price takers and cannot change it. If a firm raises the price of its product, the demand for its product lowers...
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... Unit Macro and Micro Economics (Elasti Question One As per figure one on the scanned graphs, the new smoker demand curve is a straight line with a slope of zero (flat slope). The new smoker currently demands at three dollars a pack and is likely to increase the quantity of pack he or she smokes to  as time goes by. On the other hand the veteran smoker has a steep demand curve. The quantity demanded by the veteran smoker at the current price of three dollar a pack is. Obviously the veteran smoker consumes more cigarettes than the new smoker, which is why this is displayed on figure two (fig (2)) on the scanned graphs. An equilibrium point of quantity is obtained when the two demand curves are drawn on a single graph... Unit Macro...
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Elasticity paper

...Elasti Paper Complementary products are those that are in most cases used together. A case in point is motor vehiclesand gasoline. A motor vehicle cannot operate without gasoline. On the other hand, gasoline would not make much sense if motor vehicles were not there. Therefore, the two products are complements of each other. Products are said to be complementary if when the price of one decrease (or increases) the demand of a related product increases (or decreases). For example, motor vehicles are complementary to gasoline because when the prices of motor vehicles increase, the demand of gasoline reduces. This is because fewer people will be willing and able to buy motor vehicles and thus have a direct influence on the number... Paper...
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Health Demand, Elasticity, Principle and Agent in Determining Demand for Medical Care

...Step Health Demand, Elasti Principle and Agent in Determining Demand for Medical Care" Please respond to the following: From the e-Activity, compare the primary individual factors that influence demand, and explain the significant ways in which each affects the demand curve. Provide at least one (1) example of these factors to support your rationale. It is important to note that, unlike conventional goods, the demand for healthcare products are driven by several unique factors. Two of these factors include patient characteristics and healthcare providers/physicians. These then are included with the four primary factors cited in the text that traditionally drive demand for goods and services, namely, price, taste, expectation... Health Demand, ...
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Price Elasticity

... to be purchased together for a consumer to reap their utility. Complementary goods have a negative cross elasticity of demand; this implies that the demand of good A increases when the price of good B is decreased, where goods A and B are complementary goods. Conversely, the demand for A is decreased when the price of B is increased. This basically means that when higher quantity of A is demanded due to price decline, the demand of B will equally increase since A cannot be used without B. substitute goods exhibit positive cross-price elasticity of demand. Suppose X and Y are substitute goods. When price of Y goes up, consumers will go for X at a cheaper price but with similar utility as Y Discuss income elasticity as it pertains...
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... demanded for a particular product or services is noted to be changing based on the needs and preferences of certain factors that defines the quantity demanded for a specific product (McEachern, 2008). Based on the nature and effect of the factors on quantity demanded elasticity of demand is classified into three types ‘Price Elasticity ’, ‘Income elasticity ’, and ‘Cross Elasticity’ (Jain & Ohri, 2010). The essay explains the three elements of elasticity and their respective implication on the organisations. By elaborating on the different needs of elasticity the essays proposes to identify the implications of the concepts on the organisations. Furthermore, with the use of examples, the paper intends to illustrate the different concepts...
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Elasticity of Demand

...elasticity of demand for a good is inelastic (|Ed| < 1), the percentage change in quantity demanded is smaller than that in price. So, when the price is raised, the total revenue of producers rises, and vice versa. When the price elasticity of demand for a good is elastic (|Ed| > 1), the percentage change in quantity demanded is greater than that in price. Hence, when the price is raised, the total revenue of producers falls, and vice versa. As an example; Company W produces a product called a widget. Company W sells their widgets for $10 and there is a demand of 10. The company had tried to raise the price to $20 previously, and the demand lowered to 5 they also changed the price to...
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The Concept of Elasticity in Business

...that are significant for investors while analyzing the operating environment. It helps them to determine the response of consumers on a shift in the prices of a commodity. The most significant role elasticity plays in a business is helping the investor to set the prices of commodities. An effective pricing strategy is significant in maintaining competitiveness in the market as well as maintaining a large consumer base. It requires knowledge regarding consumers as well as competitors. Data on price elasticity of demand can be used to make predictions regarding future sales (Vaishampayan 2007 p 36). Elasticity quantifies the receptiveness of demand for commodities to price changes....
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