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Supply and Demand - Essay Example

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Demand and supply utilities Institution Causes of shifts in supply and demand curves Causes of shifts in supply curve Various issues cause shifts in the supply curve depending on their effects upon the ongoing market prices. Such issues are the type of competition in the market whether, monopoly, monopolistic, oligopoly, and perfect competition…
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Supply and Demand
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Extract of sample "Supply and Demand"

Download file to see previous pages Causes of shifts in demand curve Economists stipulate that increase and decrease in the quantity of a product demanded depends on the unit price imposed thus; the demand curve will shift upwards from the right towards the left at reduced prices, while it would reflect backward slumps at increased unit prices. Further, changes in per capita incomes and shifts in the prices for substitute commodities also influence a positive or negative shift in the demand curve. Demand shifts may also occur in the event of varied tastes and preferences, different expectations, and standards of living (Musgrave, et al 2009). Fig.1 demand and supply curves at the state of equilibrium Discussion of the equilibrium price and quantity, and the effects of demand and supply shifts upon the equilibriums Equilibrium price and quantity The demand and supply utilities pose equity in market when the quantity supplied equals the foregoing amount of demand. Similarly, the equilibrium results when the amount supplied meets all the demand satisfactorily without any remaining surplus. The situation is called a prefect market whereby the demand and supply curves conform at a certain point whereby the imposed unit price for the commodity is favourable to buyers and sellers such that all unit sales excel meeting the demand satisfactorily (Boyes, & Melvin, 2013). Fig.2 equilibrium points Effects of demand and supply shifts upon the equilibriums Demand and supply shifts affect equilibriums when one of the utility shifts while the other one stagnates. For instance, a increase in the supply for products while the demand remains constant shall cause a reduction of the prices while in the event of increased supply, the price will increase accordingly (Cohn, 2007). Consequently, an increase in the demand for commodities while the supply remains constant leads to increased prices and thereby the shifts move unevenly and cause disequilibrium, which implies varied instead of equated prices to the quantities. Fig.2 shifts in the demand and supply curves and the point of equilibrium Price elasticity of demand and supply Price elasticity of demand and supply suggests the natural course that the unit prices of commodities will either increase or decrease whenever the demand or supply increases or reduces respectively. Price elasticity of demand prevails when the rise of demand for products leads to increased prices since the supply remains constant (Musgrave, et al 2009). This situation prevails for necessary goods such that increase in demand will lead to increase in prices, but with the absence of reduction in the marginal consumption or increased supply, buyers will continue to purchase the commodity at the increased price. On the other hand, price elasticity of supply occurs whenever product prices increase or reduce in the event of reduced or increased quantity in the market while the demand remains constant. However, there are periods when demand and supply shifts are inelastic towards price increments and price reductions (Cohn, 2007). For example, the increase in the price of luxury and goods of ostentation will lead to increased demand and reduced supply thus causing price inelasticity such that the curves can never conform to the law of equilibrium. Fig.3 price elasticity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Supply and Demand Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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MicroEconomics Supply and Demand

The world’s leading brands are accessing the Japanese departmental stores to sell their limited edition products. The sales of chocolates in the Valentine season pick up like anything. Primary Economic Elements The soaring demand for chocolates in Japan near the Valentine season presents a positive opportunity for the local and international Chocolatiers. It is not that the Japanese are particularly fond of chocolates. In general, the Japanese are not avid chocolate fans and their panache for the local delicacy “Wagashi” does tend to have precedence over chocolates. However, the Valentine’s-Day celebrations are a different thing. The contemporary Japanese youth closely associates the Valentine season with love and romance and the...
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...a decreased equilibrium price. Fourth, if demand remains unaffected and there is a decrease in supply, there will be a shortage causing an increased equilibrium price. This paper will look at supply and demand. On the supply side, it will discuss Ronald Regan, and on the demand side, it will look at Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Caplin and Schotter 43). The paper will go on to highlight the difference between supply and demand while looking at the economic environment then and now, and other components such as interest rates, housing market, etc. Supply side economics is a branch of...
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Aggregate supply and demand

... and sellers can range between one and infinity and the goods can be homogenous or differentiated. Role of Supply and demand The market forces of demand and supply are instrumental in determining the price and quantity at which the trade between the buyers and sellers would take place. The market equilibrium will be achieved at the point where the quantity demanded will be equal to the quantity supplied (Pindyck and Rubinfeld, 2001). In the above figure the downward sloping graph depicts the demand for a good in the economy and the upward rising curve is the supply curve. At the equilibrium point the price at which the good is supplied is P* and the quantity demanded is Q*. Answer 2 The Laissez-faire theory has come from this concept...
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Supply and Demand

...?Supply and Demand Demand is the will of the consumer to purchase or consume a product or service. The consumer has to be able to purchase the product or service right now in order to be considered for demand; anything else would count as future demand. Demand can change through number of different factors, such as budget, availability, and personal preference. Demand forms a key part of the economy because without it prices could not be set and goods and services could not be offered. Supply is the amount of a good or service that is put up for sale for consumers to purchase. The driver of supply is profit. In other words, producers are looking to get as much money as they can for their goods and services. Supply, in conjunction...
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...Supply and Demand Rent control was one of hundreds of commodities regulated by the government during World War II. New York legislators defended the War Emergency Tenant Protection Act-also known as rent control-as a way of protecting tenants from war-related housing shortages. On the contrary, war had very little to do with apartment shortages. The purpose was to prevent gouging and to share scarce products. By 1947, price controls disappeared, but rent controls remained. Proponents argued that rent control needed to remain in place to ensure affordable housing for low and moderate income tenants. Rent control, the worst planning by governments lacking courage and vision, has been spearheaded by upstate lawmakers such as Assemblyman...
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Supply and Demand

...Demand and Supply Response to question A Elasti of demand is responsiveness of the demand of a good to the changes in other economic variables (Ferguson, 1972). As such, elasticity of demand is important since it helps to determine the potential change in demand due to variation in prices. In addition, understanding elasticity helps policy makers and businesses to examine the possible market impact when there is an adjustment in the consumer purchasing behaviors. It should be noted that, if a small price change is accompanied by a big change in the amount of quantity demanded then the commodity is said to be elastic while for a case where a large price change is accompanied by a small change in the amount of quantity demanded...
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Supply and Demand

...Effects of Natural Calamity on Demand and Supply World events, for instance, drought and floods, have affected demand and supply trends in free markets tremendously. A notable example is floods that occurred in Pakistan (2010). As a consequence, there was increased pricing of cotton. Thus, it was attributed to the drastic reduction in supply; which subsequently led to increase in equilibrium pricing. The event in Pakistan had a shift on its supply curve, but did not affect the demand curve. However, there also exist incidents where change on the demand curve does not affect the supply curve (Krugman, Wells, & Graddy, 2013). The law of demand in economics states that with all aspects (tastes, expectation, and income) held constant; highly...
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Supply and Demand

...fields. This is coupled by a reduced demand for crude oil in the US due to the increasing awareness and use of alternative source of energy put exerted a downward pressure on the price of oil. The law of supply and demand states that if demand declines or remains the same but the supply increases, the tendency of the price will go down. The reverse also applies with prices going up if demand increases and supplies go down. In our case however, the growing output of shale production in the US meant that supplies are now greater making the price of crude oil cheaper. This will have a ripple effect in...
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...Supply and Demand Factors that would affect supply The fast food industry has grown quite competitive in the past one decade. Manyfirms storm the industry every year and, therefore, the level of competition has continued to raise. There are many factors that may change the consumers demand for the Tropical Smoothie Café fast food products. Some of these factors include the availability of substitutes, change of the consumer’s level of disposable income and quality. The availability of substitutes in the markets would result in reduced demand for the product (Hirschey, 2009). The presence of many fast food companies in the market offers the customer a wide variety to choose from. An increase of firms offering the same product lowers demand...
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E-logistics and Supply Chain Management: Tesco

Tesco uses the latest technology which enables to shop any time from anywhere through the use of handheld computers and WAP-based wireless phones, internet, pocket PCs or digital TV. They have also opened up Internet cafes in stores to facilitate customers with poor computer skills. They have self-sourcing online forms. The website is interactive and provides the facility is finalizing the order. Delivery can be scheduled by the shopper. Out of stock signals are given while ordering so the customer can opt for substitute. It has a scientifically designed error-free picker system from the stores which ensures accuracy in order fulfillment. Even the shopping carts are scientifically designed and fixed with mini-computers which direc...
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Strategic Opportunities for E-commerce Enabled Supply Chains

Scaling the e-business in IT infrastructure is important because it reduces the cost and expenses to interact with the customers and suppliers. It also helps in maintaining and in management of the e-business. 

“As your environment begins to evolve, it is important to recognize the value of horizontally scaling your platforms and applications to support increased loads and service requirements. As the concurrency and complexity of your systems grow, the greater the need becomes to support policy-based routing, application and data caches, as well as load balancing hardware and software.” (Whitepaper; August 2001)

From very starting there was a need for those applications that can be used to c...
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How Can CRM Strategies Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness in Supply Chain Networks to Enhance Competitive Advantage

... CRM and Supply Chains How can CRM strategies improve efficiency and effectiveness in supply chain networks to enhance competitive advantage? Provide real life example to support your case With globalisation and the growth of a shared market across the world, it is very important for all brands to have individual recognition and be accepted as a part of the local scene as much a small business would be (Harker and Esan, 2006). While this is often the target of marketing executives, it is often found that customers may have different relationships with brands and the strongest customer relationships survive even when if product quality goes down or even if the competition offers a better deal (Tenser, 2006). In essence, the relationship...
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American Airlines: Supply Chain Nightmare

For this reason, it is necessary that all business sectors are carefully reviewed – as often as possible – for the appropriateness of their structure and their daily needs; managers may fail to evaluate with accuracy their firm’s needs, a fact that can cause the failure of plans applied on the relevant organization (Hardless, 2005). On the other hand, the needs of various organizational departments are different; the methods used for the improvement of a firm’s activities should be flexible taking into consideration the characteristics of the specific organizational sector, its strengths/ weaknesses but also its role in the development of the firm’s activities. Boeing is a firm with a long presence in...
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Relationship between Money Supply and Inflation in Saudi Arabia

Over the recent past, the effects of money supply, debt and inflation have become contentious issues for debate. Furthermore, frequent cautions concerning the risk of very large budgetary deficits aver that this would send up the upcoming state debt and capital rate as indicated by the rates (interests). As a nation, Saudi Arabia has a bi and enduring budgetary deficit over the past two decades and the government has been forced to go into the market so as to have loan access and to make up for the deficits. Given the impact of this on inflation and other economic variables, it's imperative and of great alarm for strategy architects (strategists) to understand how microeconomics has an effect on money supply, financial plan defici...
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Impact of Forecasting Demand in Food and Beverage Service Organisation

Purchasing, storage, and production scheduling are some of the basic things needed to be adjusted periodically based on the demand in the market. It is not wise to purchase too many materials at a time when the demand was less. The to and fro movement of the material is essential for the smooth functioning of the storage area. Goods purchased and stored in the store must be despatched to the production area periodically before the expiry date to ensure that the organization might not suffer. But if the demand was poor, it is not possible to ensure the despatch of goods to the production unit which will result in wastage of materials. Generally, Purchasing, Storage and Production are the three areas in any manufacturing unit which...
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Money Supply Process

Liquidity of other assets counts on how effortlessly they are converted into notes and coins. In addition, as the degree of liquidity reduces, the difference between monetary assets and other financial assets becomes more and more blurred. As a result, in this context, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has sought to sketch out standards for the calculation of the amount of money in an economy.

According to the IMF’s guidebook, the money supply is calculated as the joint deposit liabilities of the banking system and the currency liabilities of the central bank. They are held by households, companies, non-profit organizations and all public sector entities outside of the central government. In this authorized or...
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Supply Chain Management: Conceptual Supply Network

A supply chain is a basic element of the growth of the manufacturing period. So far both could not work without it. A recent development in this era of new business strategies that must minimize risk in business by using friendly environment machinery, social acknowledgment as the requirement of the Government to the smooth and sequential running of a business operation. (Amlan M., Helen M., 2010). The supply chain could improve the cash transaction, manufacturing cost of materials, and communication flaws by planning of the company’s coordination to correlate finance, the society that helps to end-user and stakeholders. (Craig C., Dale R., Nov 2007) ( Seuring & Müller, 2008) (Lutz P., 2009).

Supply chai...
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Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy

Sustainability increases the mode of rail and sea freight and intermodal transport. The demand characteristics in some cases influence the choice of transport mode and even the need for safety stocks. The appropriate logistic strategy is essential for any organization as the manufacturing lead time is affected by the product characteristics and design. Globalization is a factor that causes longer lead times as a result of longer distances (Chan and Lee, 2005, p.78). The basis for any logistic strategy is the product. The product pricing is affected by the choice of transport mode. The production flow is smoothened with good demand predictability. Demand predictability is improved with the help of information technology through gre...
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Purchasing and Supply

In numerous industrial sectors, the trend has been moving away from adversarial or arms-length supplier relationships to relational or obligational contracting forms of relationship, such as outsourcing. Boeing is one company that has embraced this trend as evidenced by the production of its 787 Dreamliner aircraft. As a way of reducing their aircraft timeline to 4 years from 6 years, Boeing began to outsource parts and to sub-contract other companies internationally. However, as stated by Brandes et al (1997), outsourcing tends to have the most success if it is based on strategic decisions including cost efficiency and core competency considerations, instead of being solely prompted by financial troubles. 
Whereas Boein...
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