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Aqualisa Quartz Low Sales - Essay Example

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The paper "Aqualisa Quartz Low Sales" describes that the higher sales would be due to bargain prices and high quality being exposed by plumbers and DIY markets. The prices could help create a new brand name for Aqualisa. Bargain prices would help the consumer at least try the product…
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Aqualisa Quartz Low Sales
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Extract of sample "Aqualisa Quartz Low Sales"

Download file to see previous pages The shower industry in the UK has three channels of distribution. Trade shops, showrooms, and DIY sheds are the channels of distribution for the Aqualisa products.  Trade shops carry plumbing supplies for plumbers.  Trade shops normally only carries what will sell, or in essence what is in demand. Showrooms are supplied by distributors. This channel is for high end customers. When an individual buyer comes to a showroom, they tend to not be concerned with price. DIY sheds are supplies for do-it-yourselfers. B&Q is like Home Depot. This market is for bargain hunters and home improvers. These three channels of distribution are where Aqualisa Quartz will be marketed.
The best channel of distribution for the Aqualisa Quartz is the showroom. The reason for the good showroom sales for the Aqualisa Quartz is the digital features on the showerhead. Individuals walk into the showroom and see the red light that stops blinking when the shower is the right temperature. This novelty alone sells most of the units in the showroom.
Aqualisa Quartz is easier to install and more efficient than other showers, but plumbers are skeptical of using new products. This lowers the sales in the trade showrooms. Aqualisa Quartz has been marketed properly for the DIY sheds, due to the fear that it would lessen the product value. All of these factors have led to lower sales than expected for the new innovative Aqualisa Quartz. In order to raise sales, the key factors must be looked at.
Since the Aqualisa Quartz is an innovative new product, Aqualisa priced the product higher as a premium item. The Quartz Standard is 850 pounds and the Quartz Pumped is 1,080 pounds.1 This makes it the highest product sold by Aqualisa. It also makes it the highest money maker for the company, but only when sold. If Aqualisa Quartz was marked down, consumers might feel they are getting a bargain and quality. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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