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World Bank and IMF Policies in Developing Countries - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the growing importance of international financial institution, such as International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, in stabilization of the economics of developing countries. It is argued, that they play an important role in promoting global growth in the whole world…
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World Bank and IMF Policies in Developing Countries
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Extract of sample "World Bank and IMF Policies in Developing Countries"

Download file to see previous pages This paper offers a thorough analysis of current economic policies of The IMF and the World Bank, and makes evaluation of their effectiveness. The difference in viewpoint on the role of global financial institution between world economists, makes for an importance of the essay
The policies of the institutions advocate free trade, liberal markets, property rights, deregulation which have been suggested by a group of rich countries to poor countries without qualification in the past. In present times, a country must qualify for certain conditions and certain policies need to be avoided. By qualification, the economic need for the policy must be established first before World Bank or the IMF lends support for the policies.
the IMF and World Bank policies for the developing countries of the world should be expanded to include other things like company accountability, social and personal responsibility, corruption mitigation, WTO agreements, control of quality standards, a free banking system, welfare systems.
The IMF and the World Bank are acting to control and support the international system of fiscal dependency that connects one country to the rest of the world. Certainly the role has expanded beyond the original and it will continue to expand since there will always be nations that are relatively poor in comparison to rich ones.
With the help of these bodies and the correct application of the policies a country can recover to become a productive member of the international community.
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