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How can we make globalization something that brings prosperity to everyone - Essay Example

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Name Institution Date Making Globalization something that brings prosperity to everyone. This paper critically evaluates how globalization can bring transformation hence prosperity using Transformationlist, theoretical perspective. First, the paper summarizes the Transformationslist theoretical perspective and its assertions on globalization…
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How can we make globalization something that brings prosperity to everyone
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Download file to see previous pages Finally, the paper concludes with an overview of the aforementioned issues, in particular, the results of the critical evaluation based on the featured theoretical perspective while highlighting the positive impacts of on overall globalization. Keywords, Tranformationalist, Globalization, Satellite, and age, Global Village, Global politics, Global economy and Culture Tansformatiomationlist Theoretical Perspective on Globalization The transformationalist theoretical perspective offers a deep insight into the globalization debates. In its view, globalization is something that is occurring and is changing the face of modern societies, however while the change is occurring many aspects remain the same (Mozaffari 34). Transformationalists still see nation states as retaining much power to steer their own course in the global economy. For instance, while the global capitalist system cuts across most parts of the globe; many nations retain the power to determine their own taxation and economic policies. On the political platform, rather than being consumed by a system of global governance where sovereignty and power are eroded by global institution, transformationlists suggests that governments are compelled to adapt an active and outward stance towards governance within the complex conditions of globalization (Heywood 45). This view suggests that nations have to adapt and interact with new Institutions, social movements, and international bodies on a global level and rather than lose power many nations are adapting to this process. On a cultural level, transformationlist see a two-way dynamic happening where global migration telecommunication and mass media are contributing to the diffusion of cultural influences (Giddens 50). From this perspective, whilst the western cultural aspects penetrate many regions across the globe as depicted in Coke and McDonalds, there are counter flows of non-western cultural aspects, which is evidenced by the increasing number of foreign restaurants in major cities and towns across the globe. This scenario is seen in the satellite and age where the spread of information on an intercultural basis is rapidly taking shape. Ideally, the world is experiencing a cultural exchange in a two-way traffic. Critical Analysis Suddenly, the world appears to have turned into a small place as people can connect and learn of information and events happening in distant places. The optimistic term “a global village,” coined in the early 1990 refers to the world, becoming, more integrated and hence resembling a village, where people have constant interactions and often depend on one another for survival. Globalization is a product, which has been made possible through the introduction of some important technological innovations including the . The appearance of undoubtedly contributed much to globalization. Today, the affects Globalization in many aspects. Ideally, it imparts the three dimensions of Globalization cultural, economic, and political (Modelski 32). In many respects, affects globalization. Some of the components are cultural and business aspects connecting many people across the globe and the governance of the . globalization relates closely to Transformationslist theoretical perspective on globalization. Globalization relies on the profound transformation change and the major driving force ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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