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The Americanisation of Globalisation - Essay Example

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The term 'Americanization' originated in the early 1900s when foreign immigrants arrived on the shores of the United States and were instructed to become Americanised. The new arrivals were instructed to dress like Americans, eat American food, abide by American customs, and learn the English language…
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The Americanisation of Globalisation
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The Americanisation of Globalisation

Download file to see previous pages... While it is true that American products dominate the marketplace and American culture influences youth around the globe, these are surface lifestyle events that have no depth of lasting impact. However, America does have an export that is placing a lasting hold on the global landscape. While culture may be just a by-product of Americanisation, free market capitalism and its attendant freedom of choice has swept the globe, advanced American ideology, and is restructuring the political and economic foundations of the world.
The concept that globalisation is being Americanised implies that there is a global community that transcends the local nationalities and infers the existence of some super-national group whose nationality is that of the world. They are global citizens who have shed the restrictions, traditions, and culture of their native land and adopted a new and ubiquitous culture that is predominately American. Since the end of the Cold War era, when there was a war of ideology around the globe, a new sense of capitalism based endeavours have been blanketing the globe. These efforts have been augmented by what some people think of as parallel international governments and institutions. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Trade Organisation, The World Bank, The World Health Organisation, and a myriad of trading blocs have conspired to form the new global community. The IMF is ruled by the seven largest industrialised nations known as the Group of Seven (G7) that controls most of the Fund's voting power of which the United States has the overriding control as well as the ability to veto. The US has been a major advocate of free market exchange and financial deregulation with the other G7 members following, though at times reluctantly, in their path (Pokorny 2005 p.321). The overriding goal is to take control of the market by gaining, "...agreement for a common sense about globalisation...which, among other things, promotes 'sound' macroeconomic policies, the securing of private property rights and the depoliticisation of economic policy" (Bruff 2005 p.215). The global leaders have quietly acquiesced to the US's role as leader and have followed their lead. It is this sense of ideological agreement, both political and economic, that is fuelling the Americanisation of globalisation. It has led to a new sense of capitalist consumerism that displaces traditional cultural and spending patterns and results in the appearance of a homogeneous globalised culture.
There has been an increasing integration and consolidation of economies around the world that are fuelled by institutions under predominately American control. The IMF and World Bank have become the standard for the economic behaviour of underdeveloped countries around the world that are in need of loans for development. These financial institutions have demanded that these countries "...open up their economies to liberalization under Structural Adjustment Programmes that encouraged governments to fund privatization programmes, ahead of welfare and public services" (Ssenyonga 2006). Capitalism, America's number one export, has had enormous an impact on the impoverished around the globe by way of American financial dominance.
Globalisation is a broad and all encompassing term that includes economics, ideology, communications, culture, technology, entertainment, and fashion. It brings the world into a smaller and more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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