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ECONIMICS 405: Assignment2: Externalities - Assignment Example


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ECONIMICS 405: Assignment2: Externalities

This paper is intended to identify and discuss just three examples of externalities and their effects to the stakeholders and affected parties. Discussion An access road network might be constructed from the sugar company to various sugar belts to ease transportation of sugarcane from the farms to the company. In the minds of the initiators of such a project, their major aim is to solve the problem of inaccessibility to the remote farms. However, the resulting beneficiaries of good road services become more than predetermined. With the same road project, other farmers, who are not even for sugarcane, may benefit as they will also be able to access market easily due to well constructed roads. Those dealing in transportation of passengers and goods will also benefit with the road construction, which was not specifically meant to benefit them. This is an example of a positive externality, where the whole community around where the road has been constructed may benefit due to the construction even though the major intention of constructing the road was for something else. A paper milling factory emits gases like Sulphur Dioxide to the atmosphere during their paper processing (Armon, Duncan, & Lance, 2009). Some of the dangerous compounds are also directed to the nearby rivers as wastes to flow downstream. The result of such careless acts of the factory with time may be that the people living around the company may be affected by the gas emissions. At the same time, the people downstream may

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This paper cites opinions of experts who propose various solutions to the emission of gases, a negative externality. The paper further examines the viability of each of the proposed solutions by identifying the various costs and benefits involved. The paper concludes by discussing which policy needs to be implemented.
4 pages (1000 words)Assignment
This paper looks at the basis of the laws the crown uses, the Treaty of Waitangi and argues that while this community does not have ownership in terms of being able to dispose of the resource (sell), they are indeed the immediate inhabits historically and hence have entitlement to be part of its management.
7 pages (1750 words)Essay
Assignment2 person1
Initially, sugar and textile exportation were the backbone of the economy, but a decline in sugar prices made the country to look for other sources of getting revenue and foreign exchange (Richards, 2012). On this basis therefore, the government of Mauritius made a decision to expand the tourism sector in the country.
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Assignment2 person2
Their main mandate is to promote the various tourist attractions available in the country. Licensing of tourist sites and activities, regulation and supervision of tourism activities are conducted by the Tourism Authority. The tourism authority also promotes Rodrigues islands by providing technical assistance.
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Assignment2 hlth3220
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ECONIMICS 405: Assignment1: Article Analysis
In the study of economics, it has been stated that the most important economic problem of any country in the current world is the problem of ‘choice and scarcity.’ At this juncture, when the population level of mankind is growing at an increasing rate, the resources available for the production of various goods and services are limited.
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Geology Volcanoes&Earthquake Assignment2
Every so often people wonder whether mountains that occurred through volcanic processes can re-erupt or if vegetation and animals can thrive again in such areas. Thus, I can say teacher wanted us
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Psychodynamic Theories Brochure - 405
of an approach or perspective to psychology which aims at explaining the psychological reasons behind human behavioral patterns inherent to one`s personality, alongside the emotional and feeling to relate them to early experiences exhibited in life. More so, psychodynamics deal
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Psychodynamic theory debate - 405
However, Freud focuses on the unconscious person and their contribution to an individual’s personality. Valerie & Peter (2003) indicate that Freud described human’s instincts being innate though they are universal and felt at all times. Freud also believes that
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Problem Set 5 - Externalities and Efficiency
They are portrayed to use the real product like in the case a student who reads effectively using the glasses. It is quiet ironical that the glasses can provide a glance at opaque objects. 2. Do shortages caused by rent controls tend to be
2 pages (500 words)Assignment
also be affected by the heavy dangerous compounds as they use the water downstream to drink, water their plants, and water their livestock since some of these compounds like Lead are heavy and take too long in the system to dissolve, hence interfering with the proper functioning of the body system. This is an example of a negative externality. The third example, which is the second negative example, is in a cement manufacturing Company where a lot of dust is emitted, and this affects the workers and the people around where the plant is located (Gene, 2001). When the workers and the people around this place inhale the dust from the factory, their breathing system gets interfered with. The dust blocks the organs like the nostril and the windpipe and eventually gets accumulated in the lungs, disabling the proper functioning of these organs. The resulting effects are difficulty in breathing and suffocation. The victims may finally die if no proper measures are taken in time. These externalities might be allowed to exist since the major projects that bring the externalities are as well important and necessary to humanity. Therefore, for positive externalities, the remedy is that subsidies may be provided by the government to promote such projects. In the case of negative externalities, the government might put heavy penalties like ban, expensive license, and regulation of waste management on the Companies that are involved so that many such Companies may not exist. Both affected parties and the stakeholders therefore have a role to play in mitigating the externalities. The government can remove waver taxes and duty charged on the materials used in the road construction in order to promote road construction. In addition, they may also offer subsidies to help in the road constructions. The affected people can also participate by maintaining the project started and making sure it does not fail to run. For negative


Externalities Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date: Externalities Introduction Externalities are those effects of a project to the environment around them, which are indirect and were never intended as the major purpose for that project as from its initiation…
ECONIMICS 405: Assignment2: Externalities
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