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Economic labor - Research Paper Example

This makes it possible for employees to tend to issues that would have distracted them from working for their employers. Luttenegger has argued “Weisure needs to be divided back into work and leisure as two distinct concepts, not only for the sake of the employee, but also for the employer” 260. However, in this paper, it is argued that time has never been so ripe to recognize weisure time as a core concept of production in modern business. Indeed, use of smartphones during work time has increased with time. As a matter of fact, smartphones have enabled life to be more habitable not only for employees but for everybody as well. With people becoming busier by the day, tending to family and societal issues has been significantly made easy by use of smartphones. For instance, an employee can be able to communicate with a sick child in hospital via Skype instead of seeking leave from the work place, which would otherwise have cost the employer more. Socialization has also changed from the traditional face-to-face to technology platform based socialization. Smartphones are increasingly replacing use of computers as gadgets of communication especially considering the number of mobile apps being released every day. At this age of information overload, it is difficult to tell the line between fair use of smartphones and overuse. ...
Employers disregarding this painful truth can only be seen as “walking with blindfolds.” Luttenegger has made a strong argument that work and leisure needs to be treated

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Child Labor Issues
According to the ILO (2010), the reduction of the worst forms of child labor stalled globally in 2006 and in 2010, more than 215 million children remain engaged in child labor globally. The expansion of capitalism in the global political economy has been particularly problematic for the elimination of exploitative child labor.
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Economic versus Non-Economic Issues in Union Environments (Employee Labor and Relations class) Human Resource Management
The focus of the following will be broken down into the defining the interests represented by the AGMA guild (employees from here forward) over and against the Production Company known as Iron Mountain (employer from here forward). The strategic response to the articles will be focused on “fostering” rather than “forcing negotiations” [Walton, Cutcher-Gershenfeld, and McKersie, 2000, p.
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Labor mobility
Here, a geographic mobility occurs since a laborer’s move from one economy to another implies a change of the physical location of his or her work (Radcliffe, 2009; Ehrenberg and Smith, 2003). Labor is one of the major factors of productions and its movement would affect both the country of its origin and its country of destination.
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Labor Market
During the recruitment process, a series of important observation was made. Observation on Selection of the Labors: During the selection, many migrant workers had been considered for various posts in the organization whose qualifications, talent and prior knowledge would not be acknowledged outside the United States of India.
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Child labor in bangadesh
The employers of the country are often observed to unethically engage children in various types of hazardous works as they are more cost effective and decipher high compliance with the work as compared to the adults. Moreover, it has been witnessed that as children as less aware of their rights, employers attempt to obtain the advantages by wrongfully engaging them as laborers (UNICEF Bangladesh, n.
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Child Labor and Economic Development
According to the report the biggest share of huge child laborer came from the third world countries where poverty is rampant and access to education is difficult. Even in highly industrialized countries, there are kids being forced to work either to feed their personal needs, or help augment the family’s meager financial budget or worse.
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UAE Labor law
One the main reason for the formation and eventual enactment of the labor laws is the frustration and abuse of humanity that was witnessed in the industrial revolution in which employees worked for longer hours without commensurate pay (Elliott, and Freeman, 2006).
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Labor studies
The major goal of the WTO is to make sure that the trading activities between nations are carried out smoothly without unnecessary hindrances or barriers. Consequently, the body creates and monitors the agreements which aim to reduce the trade barriers
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Labor market
What decides the lengths of livelihood and unemployment spells? By what means would we be able to all the while have unemployed workers and unfilled opening? What elements focus the total unemployment and opening rates? By what means can obviously
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Labor Migration
Sending areas are the countries of origin where laborers migrate from. Such are defined by their geographical location. Routes of migration are the countries to be accessed by the migrating labors while on their way to their desired destination. Lastly,
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as different entities in business concepts. According to his line of argument, an employee is either working or in leisure with a smartphone. His ideas are primarily based on Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Indeed according to FLSA, pay is only made for work done and not for any leisure related activity at work. Whereas FLSA seems fair to both employer and the employee, it does not take it into account that changes in society and human nature has made it difficult to separate work and “leisure” in smartphone use among employees. This is more important considering that most jobs in modern age actually require employees to have a smart phones as a tool of communication and work as well. Productive weisure time should actually be seen as a plus for the employer especially considering weisure makes it more favorable for employers to work. Requiring employees to have smartphones as a modern tool of trade and communication and requiring them not to use them for leisure at work is seemingly an exercise in futility. Labor output across the world has actually increased with time despite increased use of smartphones among employees. Although technology security issues has been raised regarding use of ICT platforms for personal use at work place, it is more realistic to focus on security issues than thinking of smartphones as leisure tools meant to deprive employers of valuable work time. Therefore, FLSA and other work related regulations should pace up with time and start considering weisure as a core element of modern business. It can be proposed that employers should be realistic and begin looking


Name Instructor Date Redefining Weisure Time It is undeniable that use of smartphones has increased to unprecedented numbers in the last few years across the world. This phenomenon has been more prevalent in economic power houses such as U.S. However, a worrying trend has been the impact of use smartphone penetration on work output among U.S employees…
Economic labor
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