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Steve Jobs - Essay Example

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Introduction: Company C.E.O; entrepreneur; visionary man; revolutionary head behind the major electronic component that we have around us; all these define one person and that is Steve Jobs. Very few people have left an influence in terms of their scientific and technological contributions in the 20th century…
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Steve Jobs
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Extract of sample "Steve Jobs"

Download file to see previous pages Steve jobs was associated with a purely electronic industry which later transformed into a technological mobile phone and other gadgets specialized industry. Roadmap: The paper looks into the early life of Steve jobs, the early days of professional career, the hiccups faced, the rise afterwards and the building of empire in form of Apple Inc. this is followed by the analytical and professional specialization analysis and the manner in which he under took the innovations and novelty. Thesis statement: The man who brought about revolution in the field of electronic devices and other gadgets. Early Life: Born in San Francisco, United States of America in 1955 lived a considerably ordinary life in early days. But it was this ordinary life that was to be transformed into a more explorative one in times ahead. His childhood traces find no evident traces of being an extra ordinary student, and he mostly preferred being low profile and the famous garage where he would explore the electronic devices and think on imaginative lines. He was brought up in the Silicon Valley and he was sent to Crittenden Middle School (Imbimbo, 22). He had his affiliations and interest in the electronic devices and the other electronic means that were available to him at that time. Sign of events to come: One habit of Steve Jobs that could possibly had been taken as a sign of events to come was in form of his exploration and working with the neighbor in the garage. In their limited capacity yet imaginative mind and ideas they would work on the radio transistors that were available to them and would open them to check its working and design. The first experience with the device (computer) that would become an integral part of his life was when he was only 11-12 years old. It was at the Hewlett- Packard organized gathering of similar devices where he got a touch on this electronic device called computer. This was the turning point and that set the precedence for investigation and intrigue about the electronic devices and this quest would go on till the end of his life in form of innovations and novel inventions of electronic devices and ideas. The first break through: The first formal breakthrough was achieved in 1974 when he got associated with the makers of Atari and contributed in his capacity (Shea, 26). This venture did not last too long and he took temporary refuge from his ambitions.1976 was the year when he formally started working on making a computer with his close partner Steve Wozniak. The two would go on to make an empire of digital gadgets in longer run. They took the initiative of designing a computer that would provide better features against the conventional computer that was in place and produced by IBM and Microsoft. Steve Wozniak decades after their first meeting explained the reason behind their collaboration and the secret behind the secret of innovation. To him, the work always worked wonders because both had strong longing for innovations and working with the new devices in a unique manner. This held the interest of both and allowed them exploring new horizons. It was at the local garage where they undertook the task of developing computer on small scale and they went on to achieve success in their endeavors. The development of computer did not come without a cost and two of them had to sacrifice their then beloved pieces of possession with one selling out his car and other his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Steve Jobs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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Steve Jobs

..., 1955 and was adapted by Clara and Paul Jobs. He was named as Steven Paul Jobs. In the year 1960, the Jobs family moved to Santa Clara which is popularly known as Silicon Valley. By the age of thirteen, he managed to get a summer job at HP. He was extremely good at computers and his instructors in schools wanted to skip him several classes ahead, which his parents declined. His interest in computers developed at an early age and he was inspired by the machinist work performed by his father. b) Professional career sketch of Steve Jobs Jobs dropped out of college in the very first semester and went to India in quest of spirituality. At the young age of 21, Steve cofounded Apple Computers with Steve Wozniac and Ron Wayne. Jobs was responsible...
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Steve Jobs

Jobs actively get involved in the process whether that is his department of operation or not. Due to his different style of management and remarkable success in global business, most references relating to entrepreneurship are drawn from him. He portrays a different way of doing the same things we are used to, and sees the normal things that we see in a different version. Any start up businessperson who aims to succeed has to draw quite a lot of inference from Jobs, and then apply creativity in running of the enterprise. Most start up business actually does not live beyond the initial stages and end up collapsing a few days in operation. Their owners loose hope, focus, and vision too fast that their dream becomes nothing more tha...
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Steve jobs

... Module Inspiration augments and nurtures peoples’ desire to excel, and varies for each individual. Inspiration can exist in the formof a historic figure, an iconic celebrity, an innovative creator or an ingenious creation itself. I too, have always been inspired by one the most well known and creative minds that have made their influence felt on the face of the earth, Steve Jobs. As required, the first half of the essay will focus primarily on all things Steve Jobs; the innovations, the attitude, the undying thirst for excellence and the sheer resilience of the man to overcome cumbersome circumstances; of emotional and professional nature, alike. While the later part will indicate how his life influenced mine in particular. Steve Jobs...
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Steve Jobs

...of leadership tactics, management strategies, and business outlook. Biography Steven Paul (Steve Jobs) was born in February 24, 1955 in San Francisco. After his schooling he started working with his friend Steve Wozniak. It was in 1976 Jobs co-founded Apple which soon became the leading firm in the computer technology world. In addition to Apple, he also co-founded Pixar Animation Studios which was later in 2006 merged with Walt Disney Company. Jobs still continues to be a member of Disney’s Board of Directors. Although Jobs had resigned from Apple due to some managerial problems with the board of directors, later in 1997 he rejoined...
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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Steve Jobs revolutionized the world of technology and simplified the lives of billions everyday. With his passing away, the world has witnessed a paradigm shift of sorts.
Steve Jobs was an inventor and a business magnate. He was the co-founder of Apple Inc. who also became the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer afterwards. His early life included his birth in San Francisco. He moved to California when he was just 5 years old. His birth parents included his father who hailed from Syria and an American mother of German descent. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, who lives in America. It was in 1976 that Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak founded Apple. He was known as an erratic and temperamental man...
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Steve Jobs

..., passion and experimentation attitude in Jobs. Steve Jobs was known to have an incredibly curious nature; was a quick learner and had a great love for reading. As a child, Jobs was strongly determined, stubborn, and highly focused on things what interested him rather than what he was meant to do. His interest in electronics kept intensifying as time passed, which earned him friends with similar interests (Imbimbo, 2009). Steve’s first introduction to the world of computers happened when he was 12, at Hewlett-Packard office, which fascinated him to the core, and was the root cause of the revolution he later brought into the world of computers. Apart...
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Steve Jobs

... up with Steve Wozniak in 1976 and therefore invented one of the first personal computers (Elliot & Simon, 2011). In addition, Steve Jobs was again a smart businessperson and therefore became a multimillionaire before attaining thirty years of age. Steve Jobs formed NeXT computers in 1984. He later purchased the division of computer graphics of Lucas film Ltd in 1986 and then started Pixar Animation Studios (Quinn & Tayal, 2012). Steve Jobs together with Steve Wozniak, who was the main designer, co-invented the Apple I and Apple II computers and others. The first line of personal computers that was noted as commercially successful is Apple II (Blumenthal, 2012). Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and others, in 1984, co-invented the Apple Macintosh...
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Steve jobs

..., and aesthetics (Heussner).This research paper takes a closer look at Steve Jobs personal and professional life. While acknowledging Jobs’ achievements, President Barak Obama said, “Steve was among the greatest of American innovators-brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it” (Heussner).Though the man known as modern-day Thomas Edison is a household name, but personal story of this complex man remained private until his death. Most of his personal life in media revolved around his wife, Laurene Powell who he married in 1991, and their three children: Eve, Reed Paul, and Erin Sienna. But before his...
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Steve jobs

... that those graduating were new at that time and later on they would become old and cleared away. Consequently, we have limited time and it is essential to use it wisely. One should avoid the trappings of dogma of living with the results of other people’s thinking. One should not allow the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice. Every individual should have the courage to follow their heart and intuition one their dream since that is ultimate. Works Cited "Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address." YouTube. YouTube, 12 June 2005. Web. 6 Dec. 2014. .... Steve Jobs How he became famous Steven Paul Jobs (1955 is a former CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc and Pixar Inc. During...
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Steve Jobs

...up for adoption by Paul and Clara Jobs. He knew that he was adopted from an early age. “My parents were very open with me about that,” he said3. Furthermore, Steve Jobs grew up in California attending Reed College but dropped out after six months since the fee was too much for his parents1. He did not completely drop out of college but attended classes that were interesting to him including a calligraphy class that he would later be grateful for in the development of Macintosh and refer to it in his inaugural speech at Stanford University. After working for Atari as a video games designer from 1974, he travelled to India for inspiration and returned a Zen Buddhist to California, where he...
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A considerable portion of the population of the UK is comprised of people who migrated to the country generations back and, fully integrated into the community; they enjoy equal status as their native counterparts. It is the fresh immigrants and their effect that is the subject of this essay.
The principles of Demand and Supply apply to the workforce market, as they do any other market. In a stable economic environment when supply exceeds demand, the prices fall and vice versa. The wage paid to the workforce is its price and includes benefits over and above the basic wage paid. With the influx of employable hands, in the form of immigrants, the supply increases over the demand pushing the prices down. This means that the nati...
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Emergency Service Personnel and the Impact of Stress and Cardiac Related Problems on Their Jobs

Due to the nature of their jobs, personnel working in these departments are prone to many occupational hazards, the most important of which is stress. This could be due to their own living environment, their protective gear, their officers and leaders, current management styles, co-workers, and the stress of leaving their families and loved ones alone during natural and man-made disasters. Many of them are required to withstand horrendous physical and psychological assaults as they perform their duty. They have to work in the midst of civil unrest, urban terrorism, structural collapse, earthquakes, and hurricanes. They need to be action-oriented and need to be in control. Those people who choose a career in this path, with all its...
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Steve Coll's Ghost Wars

... Steve Colls "Ghost Wars" per our previous e-mail correspondence The terrorist attacks οf September11, 2001 in the United States compel many to think about that what actually had led up to that fateful day as well as the role οf US intelligence agencies in countering such threats. Steve Coll in his book – Ghost Wars -- gives a detailed and very useful chronology and analysis οf pivotal events, missteps, indecision, apathy, and ultimately tragedy up to the day before the attacks. Divided into three parts, Coll’s book provides valuable insights into the US policy-making process in Afghanistan. The specifics οf US policy often make an outside unsure and perplexed by the surrounding situations. One prime example includes Bin Laden...
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The issue comes into focus, whenever there are political, economic debates or talks about H1B visa limits. The economic slowdown has further led to the intensification of these debates. But, despite apprehensions from different quarters, neither the companies nor the government has said a final word on the trend. Increasing levels of competition amongst the corporate houses have been one of the key highlights of the globalization era. Be it the retail sector, the banking, the automobile, the IT-enabled services, the white goods space, etc. the companies have always been on the lookout for reaching out to more number of customers while doing everything possible to please the existing lot. Leveraging the economies of scale has prove...
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...Do Women Prefer Part-Time Jobs as Compared to Men? Registration Number Degree Module Number of Words: 2,044 Part I Literature Review The OEDC Employment Outlook Report (2002) revealed that more women are participating in the corporate world as the number of male employees decline. Because of the gender wage gap between the two sexes, male employees tend to work for shorter number of hours as compared to female employees who works more than 45 hours/week (OECD 2002). According to Kuhn (2000), the preferred allocation of time between work and leisure significantly affects the type of employment men and women would consider. Since full-time employment requires employees to spend fixed number of hours at the office, more women who...
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Effects of Economic Recession on American Jobs

... 3 June, Effects of Economic Recession on American Jobs: Officially, recession in US commenced in December, 2007. Recession can be defined particularly as the decline of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in three successive quarters. As per the record maintained by the National Bureau of Economic Researchs Business Cycle Dating Committee, the recession was officially declared to have ended by June, 2009 (Reddy cited in Hall). There did occur a baby recession period in US in 2001, though the actual recession occurred in the years of 2008 and 2009. This was the most severe form of economic recession that US had experienced in decades. A vast majority of industries in US were affected by this economic recession. US could not find any way to escape...
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... Should college do part time jobs? The debate on whether college should do part time jobs is one that has caused heated debates among various stakeholders in the education and business world. However, so as to have a clear picture of the theme, it is vital to understand and assess both sides of the coin as every issue has its demerits and strengths. An analysis of the theme from one side would indeed create a lot of confusion that emanate from a one-sided view of the entire theme. This essay will then assess the negatives and positives of the college learners taking part in part time jobs. Finally, the essay will take the stand that the college learners ought to be given a chance to engage in any activities that would give them an extra...
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Steve Jobs - Genius by Design

... time, Steve left his country for India in order to explore enlightenment. When he returned, Jobs convinced Wozniak to leave his work at Hewlett Packard to unite with him in his project that was concerned with personal computers. The two sold items such as scientific calculators in order to raise capital. In 1976, the two, Jobs and Wozniak formed Apple Computer in a family garage. The company’s first personal computer went for $666.66. Apple had released three improved editions of personal computer by 1980. The company had a successful IPO, something that made the two founders millionaires (Quinn & Tayal 9). A quarrel with his company’s Board of Directors led to Steve Jobs’ resignation. He decided that he would transform the hardware...
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Steve Jobs - A Biographical Discussion of What Made This Business Leader Unique

... are not has to do with the fact that the successful individual will not understand adversity or hardship as sufficient discouragement for them to continue to pursue their goals and expect their dreams within the world. Although there are of course many individuals that could be utilized as an example of this, this particular essay will focus upon the biography of Steve Jobs as a prime case in point for the individual who faced a litany of defining moments within his life; yet never gave in to the pressures that might have discouraged a lesser individual. Through such a discussion, it is not only the hope of this particular student that the reader can gain a more informed understanding with respect to the biography of Steve Jobs, is also...
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Steve Jobs Turning Point

... much on how different chips work, which was not common with individuals of their age then. They also shared so much common interests that made them good friends. Steve jobs later enrolled in Reed College where he dropped after six months. He later spent 18 months dropping in the creative class in the school. In 1974, Steve Jobs got a position as a designer of video games with Atari. When he was 21, he and Wozniak started Apple computer. This is believed to be Steve jobs turning point in life. The two started by selling their personal items since Steve jobs sold his Volkswagen bus while Wozniak sold his calculator that he loved so much. Steve Jobs made a revolution in the computer industry by taking this route. All started at a homebrew...
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