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Apple Corporation - Essay Example

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There are no two opinions over the fact that the sheer pace of technological innovations in electronics industry has paved the way for the launching of new and improved versions of electronics products at reduced process to over competition…
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Apple Corporation
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Extract of sample "Apple Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages But there comes a stage of stagnation in every industry; electronics industry is not an exception to it, considering how the leading electronics company, Apple Corp. and its former CEO Steve Job have been striving hard to maintain the competitive edge through cost-cutting made possible only by launching of better versions of their electronic products. Title Page Former CEO, Jobs, led Apple on the path of innovation. Although still the Company has been working with the same batch of product innovation people, but things are not happening like when Jobs was at the helm of Apple’s functions. The bungling of Apple Maps is a proof of the fact that after the death of Jobs, the product innovation team at Apple has caused losses than just not succeeding in innovating new products. Cohan has enumerated many reasons for the approaching doom for Apple, disagreeing with Blodget for presenting Apple as a buy. It is a wrong notion that stock of Apple is cheap while traded as a P/E of 9, which is below the market average of 15. Actually, Apple is becoming costlier with its income reducing at the rate of 17% in the first quarter of 2013; it is heading for a reduction of 1% in overall for the whole year of 2013. Product innovation had been boosting and sustaining Apple amid competition but lately, innovation has taken the back seat, as there are no new products in the offing. Samsung has been giving tough time, inspiring customers to go for new products of Samsung rather than buying latest versions of iPhone 5S and iPad Mini.
At the times of Jobs, innovation was used as a strategic tool to develop a better version of the products, helping at the same time in reducing cost. Product differentiation was the key during the management of Jobs; products were either cheaper than leading competitors or better than what the market offered, such as Apple’s MP3 players, smart phones, and tablets, resulting in investors and customers lining up for its products – that created Apple’s appeal for investors and customers soaring (Cohan “7 Reasons Apple is More Doomed Than You Think” 1-2). Apple Corp. needs to position itself strategically because of not launching any new product and remaining for too long with its super-premium pricing strategy. Apple led the market under the command of Jobs through differentiation in product offering, which is evident from the fact that customers were willing to buy iPhone4 at 44% premium, ensuring a gross profit of 71% (Cohan “7 Reasons Apple is More Doomed Than You Think” 2). In the present scenario, if Apple is to remain and lead in competition, it has to cut down on cost, relatively lower to the competitors’ product offerings. It is also true at the same time that former CEO, Jobs charisma was the leading force behind the brilliant performance of Apple Corp. for developing products like iPhone and iPad. Competition is presently causing reduction in profits due to competition, as gross margins have come down in the latest quarter from 47.4% to 37.5% year-on-year along with shrinking net profits for the first time in the past 10 years from $11.6 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Apple Corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Apple Corporation

This company analysis is carried out through two different perspectives: business and financial perspectives correspondingly. Business perspective is evaluated through SWOT analysis and for financial perspective; the past five years’ stock trend of the company is carried out. The success of the company is evaluated in this case solution. According to the key findings, the recommendation is developed for future strategic planning of the company for the next five years. Company background Apple Inc. was formerly named Apple Computer Inc. It is an American multinational corporation, which designs and sells high technology electronic goods, personal computers and computer software. The company became popular worldwide because of its...
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...Ticker: ● AAPL Recommendation: ● Buy Price: ● $391.98 Price Target: ●413.00 Earnings/ Share Q1 (Dec) Q2 (Mar) Q3 (Jun) Q4 (Sep) Year (Sep) $3.67 $3.33 $3.51 $4.64 $15.15 2011 $6.43 $6.40 $7.79 $7.05 $27.67 2012 $9.53E $7.70E $8.27E $8.95E $34.45E 2013 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 $38.60E News and Highlights Dr. Arthur D Levinson name Chairman of the Board: Dr. Arthur Levinson was appointed as the non-executive Chairman of the Apple Board. He had served on three board committees audit and finance, nominating and corporate governance, and compensation. Over 100 million downloads from Mac App Store: Apple announced that more than 100 million apps have been downloaded from Mac App Store in the last one year. E-book pricing under probe: Regulators...
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... other multinationals has a code of conduct that guides its operations (Leipziger, 2010). It prides itself to being committed to the highest social, environmental and ethical responsibility. The company warns that failure to abide by the code of conduct attracts penalties among them termination of any business engagement with the supplier in question (Lashinsky, 2012). Some of the issues addressed in the company’s code of conduct guide are addressed bellow: Apple Corporation expects those who work for their suppliers to be treated with dignity and with respect (O’Grady, 2009). As such fundamental issues of human rights need to be addressed and employees should not be discriminated on basis such as age, religious affiliation, gender, sexual...
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The Company is acknowledged as one of the biggest energy and chemical firms in China. The scope of...
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It has been proposed to the management that the company should now move into the more lucrative break-bulk and container cargoes. F...
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The shreds of evidence of globalization are all around us. For example, Hill (2005) cites an example of an American driving a car designed and produced in Germany that was assembled in Mexico from components made in Japan fabricated by Korean steel and Malaysian rubber. The car is filled with gasoline from oil pumped from off the coast of Africa, at a service station o...
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iPhone became one of the most discussed new technology products, surpassing the wider coverage of other very well-known mobile phones that have been playing the best roles in the market. When Apple CEO Steve Jobs stood on the stage at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco and announced “We’re going to make some history together; Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone” (Jobs 2007), it could really influence...
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However, there has been a decline in the overall cash inflow during the year 2008. This is due to the increase in the total operating cost. The operating cost for the year 2008 was 61.71%, whereas for the year 2007 the operating cost was maintained at 58.52%. The increased fuel cost has resulted in an increase in operating expenses. The fuel cost was 14.36% of the total operating expenses for the year 2007, but the fuel cost increased to 19.62% of the operating expenses for the year 2008 resulting in higher operating expenses for the period. From the cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year 2007 of $ 943 million, the net cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year 2008 have come down by 31.07% to $ 650 million. Theref...
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