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Name of the of the professor Course number Date Health Economics Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Health care is a debated topic in the current decade and the discussion over today's health care system revolves around the views that consider “health care services as commodities” (Jennings and Hanson)…
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Research paper for Health Economics
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Download file to see previous pages If the medical profession is viewed as health care service being a public or civic activity, it can capture the true purposes of the service. The ethical practices of health care is a strong debate in this field of study and incorporates both the commercial aspects as well as the social and ethical aspects of health policies, health reforms, and moral medical practice meaningfully (Jennings and Hanson). 3 Introduction Health care is a debated topic in the current decade and the discussion over today's health care system revolves around the views that consider “health care services as commodities” (Jennings and Hanson). These debates involve discussions about how reforms can be brought about in this sector. This point of view takes care of the economic objectives of the reforms in the health care system but obscures the other portion of the purposes of providing efficient health care: the morally vital attributes of the medical profession and the health care provision. If the medical profession is viewed as health care service being a public or civic activity, it can capture the true purposes of the service. ...
The price of these products and their availability are specific characteristics making them similar to other normal economic commodities. Although these characteristics are advantageous for some consumers in the US that have coverage of health insurance and also for those that manufacture medicines and medical equipment, the specificity of the characteristics places other parties, such as uninsured consumers and the government, at a disadvantageous position. Racial disparities play an important role in the status of the health care system in the US and are considered as an unrelenting and disconcerting problem for the country. Health status of the average population in a country reflects the economic health of the country, and it is a serious problem since ample policy efforts have yet not been able to rectify the situation. On the contrary, African-Americans and other ethnic and racial minorities are often reported to receive less than the desired level of care. The quality of medical attention also differs from the care received by their white skinned counterparts (Jha). This makes the situation worse. The hypothesis made in this context is that racial disparities can be eliminated and a better health care system can be established in the States. The questions studied through this research are: what causes these disparities to exist and what steps might be taken in order to do away with the gap and reduce the disproportion in the country’s health system. The study has been carried out by collecting secondary data and making qualitative analysis of the same. Secondary resources available on online and print media such as books, journals, newspapers and online articles, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Paper for Health Economics Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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