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Financial Analysis of DBMS in Health and Social Care Organizations in Hong Kong - Essay Example

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Hong Kong’s health care system needs reforms. This essay presents the financial analysis of DBMS in Health and Social Care Organizations in Hong Kong. This essay studies the options available for database management system for Health and Social Care Organizations…
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Financial Analysis of DBMS in Health and Social Care Organizations in Hong Kong
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Extract of sample "Financial Analysis of DBMS in Health and Social Care Organizations in Hong Kong"

Download file to see previous pages This research paper studies the options available for database management system for Health and Social Care Organizations.
One improvement needed is the proper communication between the public and private health sectors of Hong Kong. There is an actual need to establish a computer system that has the ability to contain medical records and data about patients. This computer system must be able to deliver or send needed information from one health care facility to another in various locations where it is needed. This would reduce waiting time and expenses on the part of the patients, and would improve the efficiency of service provided by medical practitioners.
In relation to the above-mentioned need, after Hong Kong’s transition over to the Chinese mainland, there have been some proposed reforms on its health care system. At present Hong Kong’s public healthcare sector is subsidized by the government. And since it is supported by one of the lowest tax regimes currently existing in the world, the Hong Kong government is giving good consideration on having revamps implemented on the overhaul of its entire health care system. Reforms are needed in order to continue the provision of an effective health care program (Taylor, n.d.)
To be able to get ready for such a change, the clinic where I am currently employed needs to have an updated computer that is internet enabled, to facilitate effective communication and information exchange.
Hong Kong’s current health care system is made up of two sectors, the public sector, and the private sector. The public healthcare sector is managed by the Department of Health and the Hospital Authority. The Department of Health provides preventive and outpatient services. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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