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Behavioral Economics Performance - Essay Example

Neoclassic theory better explains the principles of normative economics. McFadden (6) denotes that neoclassic economics focuses on the determination of income, prices, and output distribution in a market through the concepts of demand and supply. Neo-classic economists use the principles of rationale choice theory to develop and implement their ideas. On this basis has a normative bias because it does not explain and describe an actual economic circumstance, but provides idealistic solutions to economic problems that cannot be tested, and proved for their accuracy (McFadden, 7). Positive economics is concerned with what will happen if a specific policy is enacted or not enacted. Statements that are made in regard to this branch of economics can be tested and their accuracy determined (McFadden, 6). An example of a positive statement is; increasing the minimum amount in which employees are paid in a state will increase their ability to save. From this statement we can denote that if a government does not increase the minimum wage of its employees, it would be difficult for employees to save. On the other hand, if the government increases their minimum wage bill, employees will be able to save. It is possible to prove the accuracy of this statement by conducting a research on the same. Behavioral theory better explains the principles of positive economics. (McFadden, 20) denotes that behavioral economics studies, and analyzes the effects of emotional, cognitive and social factors on economic

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Sports Performance One slightly more unorthodox context, in which one can study decision-making, is sports. In sports performance, these decisions have to be made on not even an hourly, but a second to second basis. There is a variety of decision agents, tasks, and contexts involved in playing sports (Bacharach, pp.
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Economists usually emphasize the degree that government does not have control over markets (laissez faire), and on property rights. Most political economists call attention to private property, power relations, wage labor and class. There is general agreement that capitalism enhances economic growth.
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This is particularly pronounced in children education. The fundamental proposition is that the efficacy in teaching inevitably lead to student achievement or that the quality of teachers contributes to improved learning outcomes for children in school. In the widely regarded outcome-based education, for example, Spady (1994, p.
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Technological change is a continuous process that aims at reducing costs of doing business. Invention refers to the creation of a new thing. Innovation refers to the modification of the already invented item by making it more reliable and flawless. Integration is the final stage of technological change and involves diffusing what has already been invented and innovated in the processes of manufacturing so that goods and services made are of high quality and are produced at lowered costs (Beane, 2007).
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Since we are dealing with the effects adaptation has to the economic behavior of an individual, we will look at this situation from that standpoint. A person's ability to adjust to a state of de-growth economically means his ability to adapt to poverty and deprivation or demotion by suppressing his wants, hopes, desires and even ambitions.
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Fama (1970) first proposed the hypothesis in a paper where he presented a method of testing the efficiency of the New York Stock Exchange. Since then, several studies have been conducted to either prove or disprove the hypothesis. Fama argues that investors make rational decisions based on three types of information (weak, semi-strong, and strong), stock prices behave unpredictably, sellers cannot earn windfall profits and beat the market in a sustained manner, and therefore, capital markets are efficient.
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Judgmental heuristics are sometimes used to make this process simpler, to make better predictions and to make improved policy prescriptions. Judgmental heuristics are principles or methods by which one makes assessment or judgment of probability simpler. These are "rules of thumb", educated guesses, intuitive judgments or simply common sense (Wikipedia).
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Three behaviorists illustrate this concept nicely: John B. Watson, B. F. Skinner, and Edward C. Tolman. While all three of these men have made their own unique contributions to the world of behavioral psychology, the theories set forth by Watson and Skinner have more similarities than differences while the opposite seems to be true when comparing Tolman to Watson and Skinner.
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That’s the judgment call, the business judgment call. That’s what a board of directors does… What I know most of all is that when I see
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It sets to assess the risk and rewards of potential economic ventures by using the assessment of human reaction during the planning process (Junghans, 2015). The study focus
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decisions undertaken by organizations, and people. It studies the consequences of economic policies on specific aspects of the economy, and the rationality of such actions (McFadden, 21). On this basis therefore, behavioral economics measures the performance of policies enacted, and determines if the policy is effective or not. Behavioral economics is guided by three themes which are, heuristics, market inefficiencies and framing (McFadden, 33). The study of market inefficiencies in behavioral economics concerns itself with observing the non-rational decision making process, and its impact in affecting the prices of commodities within a market. Heuristics on the other hand focuses on how people arrive at economic decisions. According to this aspect of behavioral economics, people are not rational in making their economic decisions. Framing on the other hand, focuses on the emotions of people, and how these emotions affect their economic behavior. An example of a contract that depicts characteristics of a behavioral economics is a commitment contract. A commitment contract is based on the principles that people will always fail to do what they promise to do. In order to make them fulfill their promise, it is therefore essential to persuade them to sign a commitment contract. The commitment contract is also based on the notion that offering incentives to people would motivate them to do certain economic activities. Take for instance when an individual signs a commitment contract with a weight reducing company, promising to attend the gym sessions at least twice in a week. The notion that working harder at the gymnasium and keeping their time commitments will lead to their achieving their objectives of weight loss, and therefore toning up their body will make them observe time, and keep their financial obligations to the company. In conclusion, the guiding principles that relate to neo-classic


Normative and Positive Economics: McFadden (3) defines normative economics is a branch of economics that deals with judgments, emanating from the value of a product. This branch of economics concerns itself with what is supposed to be, at the expense of what actually it is (McFadden, 6)…
Behavioral Economics Performance
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