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Assignment in Micro economics - Essay Example

Macroeconomics concept is also important in the market structure as it determines the price at which each market structure trades. In the labor market, macroeconomics is essential in the determination of the trade-off between labor and wage rates. In summary, microeconomics is all about studying the behaviour of firms and individual with respect to demand, supply, and market forces. Question One Answers The firm produces at average and marginal cost of AC=MC=10 and a market demand of Q=60-P (a)Profit maximizing price and quantity as well as profits may be determined as follows; MR=MC =10 P=60-Q Profits maximizing price= ? Q=60-P MR=60-2Q=10 P=60-25 P=$35 Profit maximizing quantity=Q 60-2Q=10 2Q=50 60-10=2Q Q=50/2 Q=25 units Firm profits= ? ?=TR-TC TC=P?MC TR=P?Q TC=25?10 TC=$250 TR=25?35 TR=$875 ?=TR-TC ?=$875-$250 ?=$625 (b) Given that by Q=45-5P, and that market demand curve become steeper, price, quantity and price may be as follows. Profits maximizing price= P Q=45-5P Profit maximizing quantity=Q 5P=45-Q MR=45-2Q=10 P= (45-17.5) ?5 45-2Q=10 P=5.5 45-10=2Q Q=17.5 Firm profits= ? TC=5.5?10 TR=P?Q TC=$50 TR=5.5?17.5 ?=TR-TC TR=$96.25 ?=TR-TC ?=96.25-50 ?=$46.25 (c)If market demand curve become flatter and is given by Q=100-2P.The firm maximizing price and quantity may be as follows Price=P Quantity=Q MR=MC=10 MR=50-Q=10 2P=100-Q P=50-Q/2 50-Q=10 Q=40Unit P=50-Q/2 P=50-20=3 P=50-40/2 P=$30 MR=50-2 Q/2=10 MR=50-Q=10 Firms profits= ? ?=TR-TC TR=30?40=$1200 TR=P?Q ?=$1200-$300 TC=30?10 ?=$900

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This saved consumers globally up to $60 billion. Many bio-fuels use food crops such as corn as inputs to the extraction and production of bio-fuels (Vidal n.d.). There has been a considerable rise in the demand for food crops such as corn. Such is because previously, almost all of the corn was consumed for food purposes but now the demand for bio-fuel has added to this demand resulting in an increase in higher overall demand for corn.
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The demand curve plots the combination of both the quantity and the price of a commodity. A slight shift in the price, results in a shift along the demand curve price. A slight change in the price would certainly result to a shift of the demand curve. Technically speaking, a shift along the demand curve can be termed as a shift in the quantity demanded.
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Since to sell more units of its product the firm has to lower its prices, the firm faces a downward sloping demand curve (Ison & Stuart, 2006). Since each additional unit sells only at a lower price, the marginal revenue curve lies below the average revenue curve or the demand curve.
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There are abundant signs which are pointing towards positive glimpses because there has been a little growth in the overall income of UK and the statistics are revealing that double dip depression is now being diminished from the UK’s economy(Alderman & Shelburne, 2011).
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Therefore the author has termed Google as being operating as a monopoly in the search market. The author refers that Google has been dominantly playing its role in the search market and is this dominance is favored by governments as they are not placing any restrictions on the practices adopted by Google.
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Short run equilibrium of a firm can be derived based on the total revenue and total cost and marginal revenue and marginal cost and marginal revenue and marginal cost. As firms are price-takers, each firm in an industry tries to maximize its profit by adjusting the output to a level where Marginal Cost (MC) =Marginal Revenue (MR).
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The economic approach to consumer behavior delves into consumer demand analysis. The Theory of consumer demand is the analysis of demand with regard to consumer behavior and rationale when changes occur in variable factors such as price, income and
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Under the federal employment compensation act, those employees who are either disabled or killed during the performance of their duties are provided compensation
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Assignment in Micro economics
Individual consumer’s focuses on maximizing their utility subject to their budget line (MagrabI, 1991). On the other hand, producer’s aims at maximizing their profits subject to their production Isoquants (Mceachern,
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Assignment in Micro economics
This is because; this gardener does not take into account the opportunity costs with the intention of going into growing the produce. She also requires taking into account her time spent in that garden even though she is not being paid a wage (Sobel,
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TC TC=P?MC =$300 Revenues and Cost MC3 MC1 P3 MC2 P1 P2 AR=D O Q3 Q1 Q2 Out put Source: Author MR Graph of relationship between the three situations above, Where MR=Marginal Revenue, AR=Average Revenue and MC=Marginal Cost. The output is represented by Q while price by P. A monopoly may want to reduce out put from Q1=17.5units to Q3=25units so that he can sell at a higher price P3=$35 (Asian Development Bank, 2002). However, economies of scale substitution may arise leading to a shift in marginal cost from MC1 to MC2 (Pirayoff, 2004).This shift may cause an increase in monopolist out put from Q1=17.5 Units to Q2=40 units. Leading to a decrease in price from a competitive price to a lower price P2=$30 despite the availability of a monopoly price =$35 (Brakman and Heijdra, 2004). Reason why there is no supply curve for monopoly is because monopoly market structure, falls under control of a single supplier, Therefore, no need for supply curve (Dwivedi, 2006). Questions 2 Answers 2. Given the fact that you have two goods ice cream and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (an inferior to most people). (a) A graph showing what would happen if the price of ice cream decreases while in come increases. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese(X) B1 B0 A1 A2 I2 A3 I1 0 B0 B1 X1 X2 X3 Ice cream(Y) Source: Author The graph above shows that a shift in income from B0, B0 to B1, B1 leading to a negative substitution effect as shown above (Mukherjee, Mukherjee and Ghose, 2003). (b)A gardener states that for only $1 in seeds, she has been able to grow over $20 produce-enormous profits. Do you agree or disagree with her/ explain. Yes I agree with her because if she was operating in a monopolistic competition, it is possible to earn enormous profits in the short run as shown in the diagram below (Garner and Short, K2009). Revenue and Cost P=$20 C A D Enormous Profits MR AR Out put 0 Q Source: Author Question


Micro economics Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date Microeconomics Introduction The concept of microeconomics relates to the demand and supply and the market forces that are determined through interaction at the micro-level. Unlike macro-economics, microeconomics focuses on the decisions made by individuals and firms in deciding on the expenditure and supply capacity…
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Assignment in Micro economics
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