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Sports Econimic - Essay Example

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Sports Economic Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract This paper discusses the Australian Football League as sport in concentration. It also produces a brief comparison of the past seasons performance, based on the points and percentage distribution in the 2012 season…
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Sports Econimic
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Extract of sample "Sports Econimic"

Download file to see previous pages Examples of these policies include securing women through the league and free agency. All of these have been discussed in detail. Other factors like labor, salaries and coaching involved in the league have also been mentioned since they are the key contributors towards the league. Keywords: Australian Football League (AFL), Salary, Competition, Competition Balance, Season, Team, Free Agency, Percentage Distribution, Scores, Point, Clubs, Discrimination, Assault, Harassment, Couch, Policy, Rules Football is no doubt an embraced game all over the world. It has intensively attracted a great number of people from different continents. For a long time, men had dominated this game while the women were left out. Today, it is a game for all regardless of the gender and age factors. If you are not a player, then you are definitely an audience. Sports are perhaps what many deny the attention but the Australian football League! You cannot afford to miss it. It consists of both games played using hands, like rugby and football termed as soccer in the U.S. Since the beginning in 1897, there has been progress in the game which a keen audience cannot fail to note. However, there are various issues surrounding the progress of this union, and needs to be reviewed from often to avoid loosing track. Competition existence: Competition in itself is a strong foundation for the growth and the interest of the football league. Every club has to prepare their team well enough to win the match. It is absolutely arguable too, to say that competition is also a disaster as much as it is the propeller for this league. Comparing them with the African league, they are definitely ahead. Very many components contribute to competition; every clubs player within the team has to work to his best as is expected for each team. It is through this that they market their clubs and draw more funs on their side. Booth suggests that “Most measures of within-season competitive balance focus on the distribution of team’s season winning percentages,” (p. 9), which applies in the case of 2012 AFL 25th season. Using the AFL ladder, you will note that several teams strived to acquire higher points to move up. Hawthorn and Adelaide teams have 68 points each, while Sydney (P) and Collingwood hold 64 points each. Their percentage distribution appears as follows respectively; 154.59%, 132.46%, 140.58%, 116.46%. (Coach – AFL, n.d.). This is appealing, and having two teams ranging with the same points but quite some distributed percentage, proves no club leaves behind a loose-end to be the Premier. Today, each club is striving to get the best player in the team for which he or she gets hired at a high price. Nothing good comes out of nothing and it is the reason you will find them striking deals every now and then. Everyone wants a high pay, so why not support the free agency timeline? So be it that, “Under the new system, if an offer is made for a restricted free agent, the club of that player has to match or better the offer if they wish to retain the player's services.” (“AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou Defends Free Agency”, 2012). Though some may refute the idea, this will be a step to improving the poor clubs’ performances in the game resulting to more desired contest. Competition balance between the teams: All variables put together, there will exist a miss and come a plus. To measure the balance, then consideration of external factors counts within a given ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Sports Econimic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Sports Econimic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Sports Econimic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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