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The Effect of Workplace Conflicts on Productivity - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date The effect of workplace conflicts on productivity Karl Marx, a renowned theorists and economist, in one of his famous theories, Conflict theory, depicted that in a social production setting, social worker uncontrollably get involved in definite relations, whose totality of production constitute societal and organizational economic structure (Bartos and Wehr, 2002:2)…
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The Effect of Workplace Conflicts on Productivity
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Workplace Conflicts on Productivity"

Download file to see previous pages Labour is one of the crucial factors of production, providing the necessary link between the raw materials, other factors of production, and the final products, their distribution and delivery to the final consumer. In simple terms, labour, otherwise known as workforce, comprises of all the various players including employees, their employers, managers, self-employed people, and in a sense, the unemployed population capable of providing labour (Reddy, 2004: 27). Though different perspectives have been taken, the argument that conflict in the workplace, in any of its forms, is not an important barrier to productivity nor is it an interesting topic for economic theory can be challenged. In several dimensions, work place conflicts have become normalities and facts of life. Diversity of opinions, which results from increasing labour in a workplace setting has contributed to different goals and objectives, which conflict in one way or the other. It can be argued from theoretical perspective that though perceived negatively, conflicts in workplace are not at all times a negative thing. For as long as resolutions are effectively executed, chances of both personal and professional growth in the organization within which the conflicts exist can be promoted. However, management failure and evident reduced productivity have become the most common outcomes once an organization is faced by conflicts (Gramberg, 2006:68). Many of the factors that cause these conflicts are developed from within the organization. Through publications, several factors have been noted as the core contributors of workplace conflicts. For instance, poor wages by employees contributes immensely to these conflicts. Although workers have given their time and labor to contribute to the organizations’ progress, their efforts have not been reciprocated. As a result, they do not feel motivated. Though scholars believe that the result of reduced motivation is reduced output, which consequently reduce productivity (Maravelas, 2008:14), the magnitude of the reduced productivity is not in any way negligible hence considered a factor to reduced productivity. Another factor contributing to workplace conflicts and believed to lower productivity is poor working condition. Companies that have recorded continuous growth from time to time have evidenced excellent working conditions, which include insurance and medical cover for all workers. When this covers are provided, workers feel part of the company or organization and feel protected at the same time hence productivity increases through increased individual output (Maravelas, 2008:69). Within organizations, bullying has taken place where by some individuals are considered less than others are. This trend still occurs during making of decision affecting the organizations. Whereby theorists advocate that all workers are involved in the process of decision-making, this is not the case. Management makes all the decisions on behalf of other people in the organization, including the decisions that affect the employees. Such a state is a form of bullying hence workers feel that they have been considered inferior and as a result relax in their work hence due to conflicts that result as they fight for their rights. This eventually leads to reduced produc ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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