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Efficiency in the Market - Essay Example

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Efficiency in the market Thesis statement: How to improve Efficiency Efficient market is defined as one where in which trading on available information fails to provide abnormal profit. A framework of the analysis is required to explain the behavior of human beings…
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Efficiency in the Market
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Efficiency in the Market

Download file to see previous pages... It requires goods to be produced in the least cost way. The firms are forced at the minimum level of average cost in the long run. The consumers are benefitted under productive efficiency as they are required to pay the lowest possible product price. Allocative efficiency is given by the equality between price and marginal cost. It requires firms to take that production path that is the need of the society. When the firm is not able to increase its welfare by producing more of one good then a situation of efficient allocation is said to exist. A firm can achieve such efficiency by equating marginal cost and price. Marginal cost is regarded as the amount of satisfaction foregone due to the production of another good. If P=MC then value of produced goods is equal to the value of not produced goods. Considering a hypothetical country and a firm who is a price taker, the firm will produce at the profit maximizing quantity which will equate price and marginal cost. The firm will face U-shaped cost curves and horizontal demand curve. 1 Perfect competition can efficiently allocate resources in the long run. The following is the long run equilibrium condition: P=SRMC=LRMC=SRAC=LRAC This equation states prices to be equal to marginal cost and average cost both in the long and short run. With P+MC no firm has the motive to make adjustments in quantity. Again with P=AC each firm earns only normal profit. This is a situation of no economic profit-loss situation. The long run condition is satisfied only at the minimum of LRAC curve. This is also termed as the minimum efficient scale. The minimum efficient scale provides the economy to utilize resources in optimal and efficient fashion. Two types of agents participate in the competitive market. The other participant is scarce resources. In the economy framework a resource is defined as the item (goods or services) that is valued by the agents. It is the scarcity of resources which calls for efficient allocation of resources to satisfy all the participating agents. The decisions on allocation are of prime importance in this market principle. A market is defined as the place where buyers meet sellers. The mode with which the exchange takes place is called price. The main characteristic of competitive market is the adjustment of prices until supply is equal to demand. The price sets the market in equilibrium and such a situation is called Pareto optimal situation. In a decentralized economy the equilibrium price is determined by tatonnement process. Prices tend to rise if demand is greater than supply and decrease when demand is less than supply. An adjustment to occur the demand and supply at the current prices must be known beforehand. Consider the case where there are many independent sellers. If there access to full information to both the buyers and the sellers then price of the product will set at the equilibrium. Now suppose a high price and a low price is charged for the product. The consumers may opt firms selling their products at high price to offer at some price level which is the difference between the high and low price. Such a situation will offer a better off situation for both parties. The quantities are in the Y-axes. The equilibrium price is denoted as p*. At this price the buyers will be willing to pay at least this amount of price to buy the products and the firms will be able to sell their products at the market rate. If the price is less than the equilibrium p ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Market efficiency
According to Fama‘s interpretation of an efficient market is a situation were no individual investor has an advantage over others in predicting excess returns on securities above the existing market price (Jayasuriya, 2008). This claim is based on the premise that at any given time no one will have information over and above what is available to other players.
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Perfect Competition and Monopoly
One needs to find a trade off to maximize his utility. Besides that, there are several hindrances which force him to make rational decisions while apportioning resources effectively. This principle segregates market into two extreme continuums of market structure which are Monopoly and perfectly competition.
5 Pages(1250 words)Essay
Market efficiency
therefore according to the efficiency market hypothesis, there is no investor who has any form of advantage in foretelling the expected return on the security prices since there is no investor who has access to the public information or private information that is not yet available to any other investor.
7 Pages(1750 words)Essay
Behavior finance and market efficiency
It commenced from the United States’ subprime mortgage market and spread across global, financial markets (Gonzalez-Hermosillo, 2008, p, 3). Conditions in global, financial markets affect international investors’ risk appetite. Changes in international investors’ risk appetite may be responsible for the spread of the original shock across, global, financial markets (Gonzalez-Hermosillo, 2008, p, 3).
11 Pages(2750 words)Essay
As a result of having poor market efficiency, a lot of global investors have become reluctant in investing their money on local and internal businesses. In general, the ability of each country to develop efficient market has something to do with the development of capital asset1.
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Weak Form Market Efficiency
Information that is contained in the stock market data is considered by a few to be able to guide investors and analysts about the future course the stock markets might take in terms of predicting equity prices and returns. A lot of technical analysis is based upon this belief.
17 Pages(4250 words)Essay
The movement of the stock prices is largely determined by the relative merits and demerits of the information and how it is going to affect the performance of the company which the stocks represent. Just the same way the predictability of the information is impossible as to whether it is good or bad, it is equally impossible to predict the direction in which the stock prices will move in the future based on such information.
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Market Efficiency Essay
The price momentum may be an outcome associated with the failure to understand and incorporate the forecasted trends of shock-earnings into pricing. This also derives from the fact that the profits, mainly, associated with a stock are from the capital gains aspect, rather than dividends, which is why the term 'price' and 'momentum' are used simultaneously.
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Efficiency Market Hypothesis
Thus if any investor desires to earn higher returns he has to buy much riskier shares or bonds. When stocks rose by high percentages the analysts said that it was due to the efficacy of stock markets and therefore the positive rally reflected the true performance of the companies.
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Efficiency of the market
By producing the goods that meet the requirements of people and making them available at the right price. Indeed, market efficiency is greatly impacted by bureaucratic measures and control on the market paradigms like price, resources and allocation competency vis-à-vis
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