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Insurance Is Not Always Beneficial to Emplyees - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Insurance Is Not Always Beneficial to Employees Introduction Any investment in improving the health of employees only ensures an augment in the level of production hence profitability. Therefore, there is the need to ensure that every individual in the company is contented with the working environment, and with the benefits got from being employees to the company…
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Insurance Is Not Always Beneficial to Emplyees
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Extract of sample "Insurance Is Not Always Beneficial to Emplyees"

Download file to see previous pages In the United States, for example, many employees get Insurance policy through their employers where the employers help pay the Insurance policy. When the employer insures one, it is usually through a managed care plan that are health insurance plans that provide health care facilities to members at reduced costs by laying down contracts with medical facilities and health care providers. Employer based Insurance is often much cheaper as compared to buying individual Insurance, hence many people rather have their insurance bill cut from their salaries. The United States unlike other industrialized countries has a different case in that it does not have a national Insurance System. It is important to be insured because one cannot always tell when they are going to need the medical attention. There are vast advantages of getting employee-based health insurance. In the essay, I will look at health insurance in group verses individualized context, explore the advantages of employer based health insurance plan and discuss that insurance is not always beneficial. Group verses Individualized Insurance Employment based Insurance is an example of group based Insurance. ...
e of group insurance policy is that it is much easier to obtain in that there are little procedures to be followed, which would in turn delay or even terminate the whole application process like inquiring about the health history of individual members. Group insurance policy is definitely the cheapest form of insurance available. However, as compared to group insurance, there are numerous advantages of individualized insurance plans. Firstly, one is able to customize the provisions they may want included or neglected in their package. They may also choose to regulate on the deductible amount of payment that the insurance company does. It also enables individual to choose the doctor that would be conducting their services. Here the price range may be elevated as compared to group insurers, but the services are better. It may also be exceptionally costly particularly when one runs a high risk being ill or has high health risk qualities. Advantages of Employment Based Health Insurance Plans A health plan would gain more if groups of individuals with low health risks were enrolled in it as compared to unhealthy list of individuals. In the United States where the employee health insurance benefit scheme is purely voluntary, there is a great chance that a group of highly unhealthy individuals are registered in the plan. Insurers would often prefer to enroll a group of individual as compared to the specific individual. Employment based insurance groups are one of the individual groups that are always considered to be formed for the sole purpose to offer their employees health insurance. It does not discriminate and whether the individual in the group posses a high health risk than the other, they will automatically qualify for the system. Not only are employers capable of ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Insurance Is Not Always Beneficial to Emplyees Essay.
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