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Normative and Positive Economics - Essay Example

Positive economics is different than normative economics because these types of economic statements are based solely on opinion and they do not consider fact or economic theories. An example of a positive economic statement is: I believe that the current employment rate has gone up due to the poor job of the Obama administration. Due to the various opinions of analysts and economists I believe the most utilize of these two methodologies is positive economics. In reality normative economics has greater validity. As far as official governmental data the use of normative economics due to its validity is used more often. There is a clear relationship that exists between ethics and economics. Positive economics is often used by governments to establish economic polices. In this process ethics plays a big part because governments have to decide how to allocate resources. Is it ethical to eliminate welfare benefits in order to reduce taxes to the middle and upper class? Should environmental regulation be reduced in order to lower business costs in America to increase job creation? These are some of the ethical questions associated with positive economics. Normative economics also must consider ethics. A person should not make economic opinions that do not consider the ethical implications of the statement. The following normative statement is not ethical: The unemployment rate among Afro-Americans is so high because they are lazy. DQ2 Market efficiency is needed for scarce resources to be allocated

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Normative statements represent an opinion, or a theoretical scenario, and they are always used to develop new ideas, and establish goals. An example of a normative statement is such as; the government should reduce taxes by half, in order to increase the level of disposable income within the state.
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Normative approach and positive approach
Research report on normative approach and positive approach Contents Introduction 3 Normative theory 4 Example 6 Advantages 6 Disadvantages 6 Positive Approach 7 Example 9 Conclusion 10 References 12 Introduction Since 15th century accounting is having its existence in the business world.
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Normative Theory
After the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was put into effect, freedom of speech was guaranteed as a basic fundamental liberty. Even before that President Roosevelt’s four freedoms speech spoke of the desired America where people had freedom of speech and opinion. Since then various theories have been presented regarding freedom of speech.
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Bureaucratic and Normative Control
For the moment, we shall only be concerned with the empirical elements which refer to the various characteristics of bureaucracy. Indeed, the characteristics contained in the ideal type, although transformed and exaggerated in a certain way, correspond, more or less, to concrete features of existing organisations.
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Positive Economics
15-16 and 39-13). He argues that it is through a reassessment of these elements that economists can produce theories that "yield valid and meaningful predictions," appropriately achieving its goals. In line with Friedman's arguments, this essay argues that assumptions, as a crucial component of economic theories, need not capture reality as it is, but instead must only be sufficiently adequate to encompass the economic phenomenon in question.
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Deviance as a Positive
Deviance is not necessarily negative as some authorities will tell us - if from such deviance lie solutions for the good of all. Man has benefited in many areas from the march of modernity but such has also reduced our well-being and performance in dramatic ways.
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e that the people of a country would receive the best of every thing that could be education, housing, health services or the other various basic necessities. Economics has been called and is known as a Social Science one that actually focuses on the subject matter that is
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Ethics Case Study Paper
Competition between businesses also influences business decisions and processes. The changes and developments that economies undergo modify the ethical and social norms that guide business decisions. Why does ethical and social norms vary depending on the
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What is the difference between positive economic analysis and normative economic analysis Give one example each of positive and normative economic issue or question or statement
Positive economic analysis encompasses such economic statements, and /or theories that can actually be tested and therefore become empirically proven (Mukherjee 29). Statements made under positive economic
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History of voice coil of a speaker
Innovation is the development of original solutions that are geared towards meeting the needs of the consumers and new market demands. An innovation can be said to be an idea or practice that is apparently new that has produced by an individual or an organization. One
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efficiently among the participants of an economy which usually implies the population of a nation. The United States has one of the most efficient economies in the word. The United States economy is classified as a free market. In such an economy the government does intervene, but not as much as in a command economy. I believe that government intervention is needed to achieve market efficiency. The distribution of income is not equally distributed among the participants of a market. In order to level out the playing field the government implements mechanisms such as tax systems to take out a portion of the wealth of the middle and upper class with the objective of using that money to distribute it back to the poor, disable, and elderly through programs such as welfare, social security, and Medicaid. Ethics plays a big role in market efficiency. For instance the government has to decide how to allocate resources based on need. Another ethical consideration of an efficient market is what types of regulations the government implements. If the government reduces environmental laws to lower business costs in the United States the decision may be unethical since such a move would adversely affect our natural environment. DQ3 “Economics is the study of how society allocates scarce resources and goods” (Cliffnotes, 2011). Based on that definition one would think that scarcity is a key element of the applicability of economics, but resources that are not scarce typically have a price of cero. It would be hard for me to imagine a world in which everything was free. That type of mentality is associated with concepts such as utopia which is an ideal or perfect society. Based on the reality of the world having limited resources a lack of scarcity is something that will never occur. Things are just getting scarcer. I recently read an article that stated the earth has a capacity to generate food for a maximum of 10 billion people and I believe I will live in such a world when I get older since
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DQ1 Normative and positive economics refers to positions in regards to economic statements. Positive economics deals with facts or questions in regard to how things should be. When a person makes a positive economic statement biases or emotions cannot be a part of the equation…
Normative and Positive Economics
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