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Exploring the Impacts of Migration on UK Labour Market - Dissertation Example

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The essay explores the global market and the global business environment nowadays. Separate markets play a more significant role nowadays. They are affected by the global situation. The most vivid example is the global financial crisis when problems in one country have affected the whole world…
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Exploring the Impacts of Migration on UK Labour Market
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Extract of sample "Exploring the Impacts of Migration on UK Labour Market"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that one of the strongest trends in the modern world is globalization. The process of globalization has led to creation of united and single world, where national and other barriers do not play significant role anymore. It is more reasonable to talk about one world, rather than about the different countries. We are living in the age of cultural and political mix, global communication and collective responsibility for the future of our planet. Among the factors that have led to a high degree of globalization the following ones may be pointed out. First of all, development of transport infrastructure has decreased distances between the different places in the world. It was almost impossible for people from Europe to visit America in the 18th century. Nowadays, it is a simple thing. Second of all, technological development should be mentioned. For instance, development of Internet has eased communication for people from the whole world. It is not a problem to find a friend on the other mainland nowadays. Finally, the mentioned factors and economic interests has helped international companies to overcome national borders and establish a single global business environment. The words that business interests are among the reasons for globalization can be proved by the following quote. “In order to remain competitive, companies move as quickly as possible to secure a strong position in some of the key world or emerging markets with products customized for the need of the people in such areas in which they plan to establish. Most of these world markets are attracting companies with new capital investments with very good incentives”. The reasons for globalization have been technological development, growth of transport infrastructure, cultural and political assimilation, internationalization of business, etc. However, we should also talk about consequences of globalization. The main consequence of globalization is, of course, creation of a single global market, political and social environment. Development of a global labour market has also been among the consequences of globalization. One of the main features of global labour market is growing degree of migration of employees between the countries. It is a natural fact that developed countries attract more people from the developing states, who are looking for better quality of life. As a result, immigration to the developed countries has become a typical entity. Influence of immigration on UK labour market is going to be the main object of this research. Labour market is one of the most important areas of national economy along with production area, international area and price area. That is why there have been a lot of discussions among this particular market between theoretical and practical economists. Usually, such discussions have been related to the factor of labour market’s efficiency. There are a lot of characteristics of this efficiency. However, the most important are the level of wages and the level of unemployment. These characteristics depend on the whole range of factors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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