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Migration Impact on the UK's Economy between 2005 and 2015 - Dissertation Example

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Aim of the research "Migration Impact on the UK's Economy between 2005 and 2015" is to study the impact of migration on the economy of United Kingdom. This matured economy has been experiencing migration since last two decades and the trend is increasing at a rapid pace since 2005…
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Migration Impact on the UKs Economy between 2005 and 2015
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Extract of sample "Migration Impact on the UK's Economy between 2005 and 2015"

Download file to see previous pages Interpretation of the findings will help the researcher to draw inference to the research questions or the main agenda of the research and accordingly arrive at the conclusion.
Chapter 2: Literature Review
World migration and economic growth is considered to be an ever-researched subject in the contemporary economics. S. P. Kerr and W. R. Kerr have defined net migration in an economy during a particular period of time as the difference between total number of immigrants and emigrants within the economy within that specified time period. In this context, immigrants are defined as the individuals who migrate or shift to another country whereas emigrants of an economy are those who shift from other economies to a particular economy within the specified time period. In this chapter, global migration and the tendency behind this, the effect of migration on a particular economy and finally, the consequences faced by the economy of United Kingdom will be analysed in the light of theoretical framework and economic models.
2.1. Economic Factors Influencing Migration
According to the economists, economic migration occurs mostly due to the influence of two discrete factors. These are as follows:
2.1.1. Push Factors
Many economists such as Boyle, Halfacree and Robinson have identified that lack of economic opportunities, scope for higher education, quality jobs in both technical and non-technical sectors act as push factors and drives individuals to migrate in other part of the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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